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    No Observation Lounge on Capitol Limited?

    I rode on the Capitol Limited back on 8/14. There was no observation lounge car, just a regular lounge car for serving food and passengers were told seating was only for paying customers only. It made the ride seem more like a plane trip than a train trip. I thing one of the lounge people said...
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    Lakeshore Rail Alliance - Advocating for More Service Along Lake Shore Limited Route

    I found out about a new rail advocacy group called the Lakeshore Rail Alliance. Seven rail organizations are joining together including All Aboard Ohio. The lead group is All Aboard Erie. Advocates Push for Increased Lakeshore Route Service - Railway Age Lakeshore Rail Alliance Website: Home |...
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    More Amtrak Service In Ohio?

    All Aboard Ohio says Amtrak is actually pushing for it and has proposals in place. The plans were reported in " Four daily round trips with intermediate...
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    Amtrak to Iowa City?

    I have a young cousin who will be attending the University of Iowa. What's the closest Amtrak station(s) to Iowa City?
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    Las Vegas Xpress/X-Train Starting In 2019?

    Happy Thanksgiving! Note this is not Xpress West/Brightline/Virgin America. Also, they decided to forget about Amtrak altogether.
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    Railway Age Article: "The Amtrak Era is Over" According to the article, we have a Federal Highway Administration and a Federal Aviation Administration, so why not a :"Federal Rail Administration". Why can't the government care about passenger rail...
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    How Can Amtrak Achieve 100% Cost Recovery? (F&B losses)

    It seems like Richard Anderson is behaving like a corporate CEO and his philosophy, attitude, proposals, and decisions are made towards reducing losses and increasing "profits", running Amtrak like a company, as if Amtrak was like the airline companies he used to run. No transportation company...
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    Southwest Chief reroute via Wichita and Amarillo?

    When I was on the LSL I met up with neroden and he mentioned an idea to reroute the SWC west of Kansas City via Wichita and Amarillo, TX. I forget all of the details (maybe he or anyone else can fill them in). It sounded like you can pick up a lot more population between Kansas City and...
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    New Williams, AZ Grand Canyon Shuttle?

    Not sure this is official and I couldn't find this on Amtrak's page but I found this on "Amtrak in the Heartland". According to the article it replaces the Williams stop which if I remember from my talk with...
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    LSL 48 (28)

    Currently around 6 hours behind (I'm on it as we speak). Right now between CLE and Erie and Wi-Fi is thankfully working for now. They gave us coach pax beef stew with mashed potatoes (lot of potatoes, little beef). Looks like a post midnite arrival into NYP. I still have to catch a NJT back to...
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    Chicago Polar Express

    I found out about this today while spending time in the Great Hall in Union Station. There are quite a few kids wearing Christmas themed pajamas. It's really cute. I thought it would be something to do between the TE and LSL on my way back home but I...
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    Dining Car on LSL?

    I am currently on the westbound 49 (19) and they announced dinner reservations in the diner car. When I passed by it looked like an actual diner car and not a diner lite but I am by no means an expert when it comes to these things. Is the diner car permanently back or is this a special case for...
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    SEPTA King of Prussia Extension

    For those in the Philadelphia area, King of Prussia is home to a very large mall and would be useful, especially during the Christmas/holiday season, and take some traffic off the Schuylkill Expressway, I-76...
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    Extending the California Zephyr to LAX?

    Let's see how quickly this gets shot down. So the CZ would go down from EMY to make stops in Oakland Jack London Square, San Jose, Salinas, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles. Using the CS schedule, 5: EMY 5:20pm, Oakland 5:35/5:50pm, San Jose 6:55/7:07pm, Salinas 8:48pm, San Luis...
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    Amtrak/Intermodal Station in Syracuse

    According to Wikipedia it is the William F. Walsh Regional Transportation Center and Amtrak and Greyhound both stop there. Has anyone been there before? Since I am originally from Wilkes Barre and my parents live there i was thinking of stopping by and either parking in Syracuse and catching the...
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    Benefit to Buying Round Trip Ticket vs. Two One Way Ticket

    I want to buy a ticket but I am not 100% sure of my return date (I'd like to keep it flexible). I believe that when you buy a round trip on Amtrak as opposed to an airplane ticket you are essentially buying two one way tickets and there is no discounts to buying the round trip together. Is this...
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    Rail Service Serving Williamsport, PA?

    Was there ever rail service serving Williamsport, PA? I'm curious considering this week is the week of the Little League World Series. It would be interesting to have a route through the I-80 corridor between Chicago and New York going around Williamsport and the Pocono Mountains. Distance wise...
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    Auto Train Sale Tons of conditions and limitations but interesting. I wonder if it might be a sign that the AT's financial success is weakening.
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    Dreaming About "Amtrak 2.0"

    This thread could go in a lot of different places. I feel that the current Amtrak LD system can only go so far in its current setup. You can only hear so much having NS, CSX, UP, etc blocking any progress when it comes to passenger rail. As long as they are controlling access to passenger rail...
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    Musk Hyperloop New York-DC?