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  1. norfolkwesternhenry

    Two parties on one reservation (coach and sleeper)?

    Hello there ladies and gentlemen, I haven't been on in a while, high school has taken a toll on my personal life, and my "AU'ing", but that's not the important thing right now. So I'm looking at planning a trip with my girlfriend and parents from MSP-SEA, and while my girlfriend and I are plenty...
  2. norfolkwesternhenry

    Second train CHI-MSP

    I have long wanted an Amtrak connection from MSP to Stevens Point, WI, as well as Stevens Point to Chicago. Many people want a second frequency CHI-MSP, and after a little looking in my old Soo Line Timetables, you could hit Chicago, Milwaukee, Fon Du Lac, Oshkosh, Waupaca, Stevens Point...
  3. norfolkwesternhenry

    CUS electrification

    So I was in CUS almost a week ago, and I remember there were a lot of fumes, and a suprising number got into the station, which didn't bother me, but I'm sure it bothered others. What if (yeah, I know it's real unlikely) third rail electrification was mandatory on all regular trains (perhaps...
  4. norfolkwesternhenry


    So I just finished RailCamp, and it was great. We learned all about CTEC, CNOC, toured the Wilmington shops, rode in the geometry car, the theatre car, and toured a P42 cab. We also got an Acela car all to ourselves. Theres a facebook page I set up for the camp, (RailCamp2017). (Third Rail I got...
  5. norfolkwesternhenry

    Railfan window

    So when I was on the EB last year, going through the cascade tunnel, I was standing at the rear window, with a powerful flashlight to light uo the tunnel. There was a bar across the diaphragm, so I couldn't walk off the end of the train. I was tempted to try and open the door and stand of the...
  6. norfolkwesternhenry

    Broadway Limited S3

    So I bought a BLI S3 (261, because I live within five miles of her), and had major issues. First after a high speed derailment, the operation was very jerky. Then, after I sent it back to BLI, when it returned, it kept losing power and wouldn't run quite right. Has anybody else had problems like...
  7. norfolkwesternhenry

    Operating costs of a diesel loco

    What exactly are the costs associated with owning and operating a diesel loco, especially F units and SD40-2/3 (my favorites). If I ever become the rich man I want to be, I want my own personal engine to pull my private train of five PV's.
  8. norfolkwesternhenry

    Speeding up the TE

    I'm not sure if this is a repeated topic, sorry if it is. I think a good way to speed up the TE would be to travel at 100 MPH from CHI-STL, since the infrastructure is there (or soon will be), Superliners can handle 100 MPH maximum, and a single P42 should be able to pull the train that fast...
  9. norfolkwesternhenry


    I was accepted into the NRHS RailCamp a while back, and as it's getting close, I'm lookibg forward to it. Does anybody have any previous experience with RailCamp? I'm going to the Newark Delaware camp, and they mentioned the Acela simulator. They also mentioned the GG-1 and Strasburg 475, as...
  10. norfolkwesternhenry

    Exceptions to the 13-15 YO rule?

    I was looking at booking a ticket from MSP to CBS (Columbus, WI), and as I am 14, Amtrak rules state I must board and deboard the train at staffed stations. Since I last took this trip, the CBS station has since lost its attendant, so I can't travel there. I feel more than capable traveling by...
  11. norfolkwesternhenry

    What would happen if the NEC shut down?

    As Amtrak constantly faces attacks and budget cuts, I think drastic action must be taken. If the NEC shut down unexpectedly, the US economy would lose $100,000,000 per day. Here are my pros and cons for Amtrak and shutting down the corridor. Pros: 1. The impact on the economy would force...
  12. norfolkwesternhenry

    261 Gets back from North Dakota

    261 pulled into Northtown on Sunday, around 3:45 PM (15:45), looking great for a first time looker. I took many photos, and all were legally taken, none on railroad property. Here are a few pics, all taken by me, myself, and I. (Moderators, if this belongs in another topic, please move it there)
  13. norfolkwesternhenry

    Some Amtrak trains going to Grand Central

    (I didn't see this topic, if I missed it, please merge it into that topic) According to a post I saw on Facebook, several Amtrak trains are being re-routed to Grand Central Terminal. The post mentioned 3 Empire Corridor servicee, and "possibly others". Does anyone know anything about this? I can...
  14. norfolkwesternhenry

    Time to shuffle the cards?

    It seems these days that many materials and hours get wasted on Amtrak. There seen to be so many irratic decisions and even rules that directly impact service. Would re-writing the rules at Amtrak and reconsidering every position in every section, to perhaps eliminate some uneeded jobs, and...
  15. norfolkwesternhenry

    Reequiping the EB

    I was thinking about Via and how their Canadian is the cleanest, finest, most luxurious, and best looking train I've been on, yet it's also the oldest, including the Acela. I was wondering if reequiping the EB with all new stainless steel single level cars, and domes, running much longer...
  16. norfolkwesternhenry

    Improving the EB through North Dakota/Montana

    I was wondering about improving speeds on the EB route through North Dakota, since it's relatively straight and with an easy grade. Perhaps starting with a target of 90 mph, and improving to 100, 110, and then 125, depending if what engines and rolling stock gets used, and the speeds they can...
  17. norfolkwesternhenry

    New 737-900

    has anybody else flown on the new 737-900? The Alaska air 737-900s have decent seats, and I can actually stand up! There is an outlet at each seat, and bathrooms that are about 5x3x7 feet, whuch means I can stand up!
  18. norfolkwesternhenry

    Brightline vs Matthew

    Did construction of AAF get delayed or pushed back because of hurricane Matthew? Was there any notable damage to the track/trains/stations?
  19. norfolkwesternhenry

    asm transit docs adding via rail

    It seems that has added Via rail routes, but it seems that the trains haven't been added yet. Does the Canadian have alternate routes in and out of VAC?
  20. norfolkwesternhenry

    SWC, CS&CZ, or 422 TE? LAX-CHI

    I am thinking about taking a trip to los Angeles next year, flying there and taking the train back, but which train? I have narrowed it down to the SWC, 422 TE, or CS to Emeryville, then CZ to CHI. I have taken the TE San Antonio to CHI, and the CZ Denver to Salt Lake City, but that trip I was...