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    Checked bags questions

    Trip is : Chicago to Seattle 5 - 7 Feb 22 Seattle to Los Angeles 9 - 10 Feb 22 12 Days in LAX Los Angeles to Washington DC 23 - 27 Feb 22 We'll have winter clothes and warmer climate clothes, so can travel with two main bags needing only one during any journey Is it possible to check...
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    Catching the train in Seattle

    We arrive in Seattle on the Empire Builder Monday afternoon, 7 February 2022, leave again Wednesday morning (9th) on the Coast Starlight departing at 09:45 am. We tend to prefer to use public transport where possible and getting from King Street Station to our hotel near the junction of...
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    Capitol or Cardinal eastbound, most scenic?

    We're interested in the Appalacian scenery in the main, does one or the other a stand out? Thanks
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    Booking on line problem?

    I have attempted 6 times to book reservations online this evening but the 'pay/complete' button isn't live. Is there a problem with the website at the moment?
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    Seattle - Bremerton Ferry in winter

    Does this ferry usually operate all through winter or is it hit and miss due to weather? I have read it is a highly recommended trip to make, but in mid-winter? Thank you
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    Empire Builder Chicago to Seattle in mid-winter

    We're thinking of travelling from Chicago to Seattle to Los Angeles in January next year. Is the Empire Builder usually good for timekeeping during mid-winter? And how about the Coast Starlight too? Thank you
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    4 European countries in 7 days ~ 11 trains & 2 ferries

    Here is a basic photo record of this journey, not a 'real' trip report. Names have been changed to protect the innocent... Correction... 12 trains First stage ~ Moulins sur Allier, France -> Geneve, Switzerland - Sunday 5 September 2021 Departed from here, although photo taken at the...
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    Is there an alternative phone number for Amtrak?

    We have this number 1-800-872-7245 but is there a more direct number for Customer Relations? There was in the past a different number for International Visitors but not now (understandably), but is there another number which is not widely known that will get us to Customer Relations faster...
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    Can Amtrak do this?

    This is not a complaint as I hold Amtrak in very high regard, also think their customer service at least when I have dealt with them has been second to none, but... We have received over the last 2 days 4 email messages from Amtrak stating they have changed our accommodation reservations on the...
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    Advice on ticket refunds

    In April this year we booked two sets of sleeper reservations from LAX to EMY + EMY to CHI in time to arrive for the Gathering should it happen. We have friends just north of Chicago too, very good reasons to make this journey if possible. We also have hotels booked but on easy cancellation...
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    Thruway bus and train question

    The Multi City booking option appears not to be operational at the moment, is there a way to book a Thruway bus to San Luis Obispo then the following day a Surfliner to LAX? I see there is a bus to Santa Barbara with a Surfliner to connect to LAX, but that doesn't suit us. For us the best part...
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    Have Connecting & Multi-City tickets been discontinued?

    Looking for combinations for getting from Syracuse NY to Miami. If I put that start and finish this message appears: No Amtrak service between the stations you selected. Checked the whole of the following week, same result, started at the 26 October and onwards. Clicking on Multi-City didn't...
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    Lake Shore Limited - which type of business class car is used?

    Starting to plan the next stage of our hoped for US journey in October/November, the section from Chicago to Syracuse NY. The LSL Roomette price for a simple overnight is a lot higher than the Coast Starlight that we booked last week, the journey times are very similar. So we are considering...
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    Trying to pay for tickets at this moment - problem

    Trying to buy tickets at the moment online and the 'Purchase' box is grayed out. Have check all details 4 times and used 2 different cards, nothing changes the Purchase button. Are Amtrak having any software problems with ticket purchase at the moment? Thanks for any immediate help
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    Simple question re California Zephyr eastbound

    Leaving Emeryville around 09:00, is breakfast served? Thanks
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    Direction of Superliner Sleepers

    Sorry, bit of a basic question but here goes. The Superliner Sleeper cars, are they directional? On the upper level are the bedrooms always toward the front/direction of travel and roomettes at the rear? Said it was basic, thanks
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    Texas Eagle schedule

    Has the TE ever run on a daily schedule? Thanks
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    Bangladesh rail and ferry travel, any insights?

    Although safer serious long distance travel still looks a long way away, it doesn't hurt to make open ended plans. We're taken with the idea of a train ride from London or Paris to Dhaka by land or short sea crossings, planes are out... we hope. Visiting Iran, India and in particular...
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    Amtrak article from the UK

    Maybe some will find this interesting? What an Amtrak ride to Pete Buttigieg’s home town taught me about America’s railroads
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    Booking Tickets ~ Advice

    Starting to plan some Fall Amtrak travel. When checking the schedules and tickets I saw the banner headline: Trip Flexibility Amtrak is waiving all change fees for reservations made by March 31, 2021. ... followed by Fee waivers: Amtrak is waiving all change fees for reservations made by...