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  1. MisterUptempo

    NEC Commission Releases $117 Billion Dollar Improvement Plan

    The Northeast Corridor Commission, comprised of USDOT, Amtrak, MTA, MBTA, CTRail, SEPTA, MARC, VRE, and other governmental agencies, has released its CONNECT NEC 2035 plan, which calls for $117 Billion for improvements and SOGR on the NEC- The executive summary of the proposal can be found...
  2. MisterUptempo

    STB forms passenger rail working group - Mass Transit Magazine

    From the story found here. More at the link. The STB Oversight Roll- Looks like it's pumpernickel. Yum!
  3. MisterUptempo

    Amazing Footage of the Wuppertal Schwebebahn From 1902

    Here is some footage of the world-famous suspension railway located in Wuppertal, Germany, taken just a year after it opened to the public. It has been digitally restored by Denis Shiryaev, whose YouTube channel is loaded with these restorations. A fascinating step into the past. The...