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  1. Trollopian

    Ray Suarez Tweets About NEC

    Journalist Ray Suarez tweeted yesterday about taking Amtrak from DC to NYC and arriving at least three hours late. (Left DC at 5:15, scheduled to arrive at 8:45.) And this on the Northeast Corridor, the "crown jewel" of the Amtrak system and supposedly the only profitable and reasonably fast...
  2. Trollopian

    No Metro at Rockville station for 3 months

    A heads-up to RKV riders: The Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA) has just posted this announcement that there'll be no Metro service at the Rockville station for 3 months, starting Sept. 11, during canopy reconstruction: Metro to begin three-month closure to replace aging platform...
  3. Trollopian

    Photo-essay: Dangerous Train Yards

    For fans of trains, history, and black-and-white photography, a description that probably captures a lot of Amtrak Unlimited members: Atlas Obscura today re-upped a wonderfully evocative 2018 article showing hazardous train yards from the eyes of a locomotive engineer. Or worse, from the eyes...
  4. Trollopian

    Penn Central route map, 6/30/70

    Historian Michael Beschloss posted this wonderful cover of a Penn Central timetable, effective 50 years ago today, June 30, 1970. Sure to bring a lump to the throat and a flood of reminiscences from many forum members. Question: I see that five decades ago, I would have traveled between my...
  5. Trollopian

    Atlas Obscura and the Great Migration, by Rail

    Atlas Obscura, a website devoted to travel both real and armchair, has an interesting article about how the Southern Pacific’s “Sunset Route” helped to diversify Southern California and create a Little Louisiana, where many migrants came from. (Featured today, reprinted from February 2019.)...
  6. Trollopian

    Friendships Form on Amtrak Hiawatha

    A feel-good story about the on-board holiday party organized by commuters on the Amtrak Hiawatha. (Sent to me by a friend and Milwaukee native.) Excerpt: "'You spend three hours a day with these people, so you get to know them. They become friends and family, both on and off the train,' says...
  7. Trollopian

    America’s Lost Railroad Cuisine - A Newly Digitized Menu Collection

    Read the article, and weep. Atlas Obscura highlights a newly-digitized collection of dining-car menus collected by railfan Ira Silverman. "After a long career in transit, he donated the collection to his alma mater’s [Northwestern University's] Transportation Library, which recently digitized...
  8. Trollopian

    Is there any such thing as too much train time? (NYC-Montreal RT)

    I'm trying to plan a little vacation in May. That's too-short notice to get a good cross-country roomette fare on the Zephyr or Chief, my real dream, so I'm thinking of doing a little jaunt to Montreal instead. Has anyone done such a round-trip, there and back with only 3-4 nights in Montreal...
  9. Trollopian

    Hipster lifestyle website discovers cross-country train travel

    Whether your reaction is "uh-oh" or "great, hipsters will rejuvenate Amtrak," here it is: It's targeted at a readership many of whom have probably criss-crossed Europe by train but never dreamt about doing so in their...
  10. Trollopian

    Amtrak letterhead, 1970s

    From a quirky website that collects classic letterhead from a (mostly) vanished era of correspondence, here's this treasure from the 1970s: Sure, the image was an anachronism even then, but it harks back to the great era of civilized train...
  11. Trollopian

    Presidential libraries by train?

    Thanks, fellow rail fans, for the lively and helpful replies to my appeal, last summer, about a do-it-yourself baseball tour by train! It turned out that lots of cities have major- and minor-league ballparks that are an easy hike from the train station. And some stick their ballparks way the...
  12. Trollopian

    Where is best plain-English explanation of redemption zones?

    For the last half-dozen years I've focused on racking up points, mostly with monthly trips on Capital Limited between DC and Pittsburgh. Now that I'm approaching retirement, and acquired a Guest Rewards Mastercard, I'm salivating to redeem them. But here's the question: I can't easily find a...
  13. Trollopian

    Self-guided baseball trip on Amtrak?

    Friends, two of my passions are trains and baseball. (Others include opera, animals, and Victorian novelist Anthony Trollope; but those aren't relevant...except to my screen name.) A friend regularly goes on Buckley's Baseball Tours, which sure makes the logistics of a multi-city ballpark tour...
  14. Trollopian

    Service disruption on #30 (4/30), Capitol Limited

    According to Amtrak alerts, this train (Chicago to DC) has experienced a service disruption. It had been running very close to schedule through Connellsville, which it left at 6:59 a.m., then wham. My sympathies to the passengers, wherever they are.
  15. Trollopian

    Map of Washington-area rail service, c. 1921

    I nearly wept when I looked at this: (Click on the article's picture for the full version of the map.) This was obviously a labor of love for the article's author, since the various rail...
  16. Trollopian

    Complaining about Amtrak food? Check out this 1899 menu

    From today's Washington Post (article at; a poor headline in my view, because there's nothing "strange" about most of the foods mentioned, like celery and the...
  17. Trollopian

    Norfolk Southern passenger cars rolling through Pittsburgh; why?

    At about 10:25 a.m., I was walking along Penn Ave. near Pittsburgh's "Amshack" and saw at least four gorgeous, possibly reburbished, Norfolk Southern passenger cars, burgundy with gold lettering, rumble along overhead. They were heading for the railroad bridge over the Allegheny, maybe toward...
  18. Trollopian

    What happened to 29 (Capitol Limited westbound)?

    I always watch this 'cause it's my train when I travel between DC and Pittsburgh monthly, so I'm wondering.... The status maps at show nothing after the train left Washington on time on Tuesday, June 23; and the...
  19. Trollopian

    AGR for dummies?

    Dear friends, I'm a relative newbie on this forum; can't find this topic addressed directly; and apologize that it's embarrassingly simple-minded. I only have about 6,000 AGR points. I won't apologize for that because I mostly rack them up at the tedious rate of 100 points per trip (between...