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  1. Ryan

    "Amtrak App" warning?!?!?!?!

    What's up with this??? Are we talking about the actual Amtrak App used everywhere to book tickets, or the "Amtrak Unlimited" app used to browse the forum on a smartphone? There's a huge difference. Assuming you actually meant the...
  2. Ryan

    AU(stralia) now equipped with robot freight trains Looks interesting.  You've got to think that the railroads here in the US would love to cut out as many of their manning costs as possible.
  3. Ryan

    New LD Locomotive Order Placed

    Merry Christmas!  Amtrak to receive 75 new Siemens locomotives.
  4. Ryan

    Over Height Train Strikes Bridge

    We see a lot of vehicles striking train bridges, but I can’t recall seeing a train strike a vehicle bridge. CSX managed to try and fit double stacks under some bridges that were woefully unsuitable...
  5. Ryan

    New NYP restrooms open, kind of nice

    When we took to Boy to NY for his birthday a few months ago, I noted that the Men's room was closed for refurbishment. While it was a pain then, the newly renovated ones are quite nice. Pictures here:
  6. Ryan

    Name that station, NYC Subway Edition

    Nine year old picture, would like to recreate. Can’t remember much about the trip other than we entered and left the city at Grand Central, and some of our wandering was around Times Square. I’m guessing it’s at Times Square/42nd Street where the 1 and 7 cross?
  7. Ryan

    Newport News, VA

    Despite having lived in the 7 cities for longer than I ever thought, and still traveling there frequently for "pleasure" (the in-laws are actually fun, and I'm not just saying that because my father-in-law reads the board), I've never actually been into the station at NPN. What's the rental car...
  8. Ryan

    MARC Charger Testing: Week of 15 Jan

    From the Facebooks: 15 Jan, all of CSX-MARC (Camden/Brunswick) 16 Jan, Brunswick Line again 17 Jan, pair of round trips WAS-PHL Consist will be both Chargers, pulling 3 K-cars. READY THE CAMERAS!
  9. Ryan

    Newly Named Locomotive in Heritage Scheme

    I'll let the video do the talking. Extraodanarily classy move by all hands involved. More fine work by Matt Donnelly: Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go get this dust out of my eye...
  10. Ryan

    At the intersection of railfanery and cartography...

    Cameron Booth, author of the "Amtrak as a Subway Map" that graces my office, and occasional AU poster has a new project: Cool stuff, go check it out. I'm sure you guys are up to the challenge.
  11. Ryan

    Washington Union Station Screens Display Inappropriate Content Unfortunately, I drove to work yesterday, so I missed the, uhhhh....., show....
  12. Ryan

    MARC to add Weekday Roll up Bike Service MARC rolled out their Bike Cars (recapped Summi's with the 3 wide seating removed) on their...
  13. Ryan

    Edinburgh Day Trips by Train: Ideas Needed

    I mentioned a while back that I was heading to Edinburgh for a family vacation - the trip is now upon us (we leave in a week), and am trying to nail down our itinerary for while we're there. Right now, lots of ideas, but none of them have been fitted into a coherent schedule yet. We're staying...
  14. Ryan

    Chicago Ticket Counter Relocated

    Glad to see the Great Hall used more for railroad related purposes...
  15. Ryan

    Incident at Hoboken Station Doesn't look good...
  16. Ryan

    Amtrak Top Cop Under Investegation

    This certainly doesn't look good on the face of it. Shame too, otherwise seems she's done a pretty good job...
  17. Ryan

    Better Chat, and actually working for 4/17

    Since the (terrible anyways) chat is going to be broken anyways, I threw together a free widget for chat using the service that we used to use here before it got taken over by the crappy built in chat. If you're interested in chatting tomorrow night (or any other time, it's always up), point...
  18. Ryan

    WAS: No movements in or out, 4/1 Afternoon

    Just got here to find a madhouse. From MARC: Due to current switching issues in Union Station, no MARC trains will arrive or depart at this time. Updates will follow as they are received.
  19. Ryan

    29 hour WMATA shutdown

    I'm on travel and down in the shipyards, so I'm somewhat disconnected, but I just got a work email saying that WMATA was going to undertake a systemwide shutdown from midnight tonight until the normal 0500 system opening time on Thursday (i.e. No service Wednesday). This is a result of yet...
  20. Ryan

    Major Signal Outage NEC South (2/25)

    Signals dark. Coasting along at restricted speed. Just passed a s/b Regional doing the same thing. Yay!?!