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  1. Winecliff Station

    Newark Penn or EWR for Cape Liberty Cruise Terminal

    I’m cruising out of Cape Liberty in Bayonne next month and there doesn’t seem to be any difference in distance or price between Newark airport or Newark Penn Station. Does anyone have any experience with the two stations as to which is easier to navigate and get a taxi? It’s a short cruise so...
  2. Winecliff Station

    Ten-trip tickets go up tomorrow on Empire Service

    .... and maybe other routes as well. Not a big increase (RHI-NYP up $8) but if you’re near the time for a refill it may be a good time to buy today. Monthlies don’t seem to be going up.
  3. Winecliff Station

    Silver Star into NYP

    What has been your experience with timeliness of the SS coming into Penn Station? The Amtrak site won't let me book a shorter connection with Empire than 2 hours even though one exists. I may just separate the trips because I have a 10 trip from NYP-RHI, but that doesn't help with my husband's...
  4. Winecliff Station

    Booking accessible, then changing

    Good morning! I am traveling on Silver Meteor at the end of September, and may still be on crutches by the time of my trip due to knee surgery. I would like to book the accessible room if I need it, but would hate to deprive someone if I end up being more ambulatory by then. Should I risk...
  5. Winecliff Station

    Lake Shore Limited NY to Chicago

    Hello everyone! I tried doing a search to answer this question but can't seem to find the information I need. I'm considering an overnight round trip to Chicago from NY in a roomette or full-sized room and was wondering if you are confined to your room the whole trip, or is there a lounge to...