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  1. Barciur

    In a sleeper through Poland with a small excursion to Germany 2021

    Hello all! It's been a long while since I've done an "exotic" trip report and since I was able to travel back home to Poland this summer, I did a little one day excursion to the Baltic with a little cross over into Germany. I went with a friend and we travelled on a very old Polish sleeper...
  2. Barciur

    Trip on 97 in December - which Viewliner?

    Hello I booked a trip for the 97 at the end of December. Since I already have an assignment in car 9712, my question is if there is any indication (any way to know?) whether the car will be a Viewliner I or II? Could that also change in the year etc.? Will there be any way to know what car I am...
  3. Barciur

    another fare hike? (PA?)

    Hello Has there been another quiet fare hike, or did I miss that? Was just looking at booking a ticket to New York and just yesterday, an advance 25% saver fare was $44 for Lancaster to New York - today it is $46. Standard is $61, which is also higher. LNC - PHL on a weekday was $19, now it is...
  4. Barciur

    Using public restroom with viewliner roomette?

    Hello, I am going to be travelling with a friend on a viewliner roomette. As a sleeper passenger, is it possible to access a public restroom in coach or anywhere else? My friend is not totally frilled with the idea of having to excuse somebody and do their business in the room in the open...
  5. Barciur

    Poland to Siberia and Kazakhstan by rail - Summer 2016

    Well, I must admit, vv's report made me actually finally do the long-delayed travelogue from this journey, as I'm sure some will enjoy! So, I will start with the map of the journey - this is by rail: I then flew on the Belarussian airlines from Astana to the capital of Belarus, Minsk, where...
  6. Barciur

    Paris to Warsaw on a Russian Railroad Train! (Summer 2016)

    Hello all! I have a couple of trips to post on here all the way back from the summer. The master of procrastination that I am, I am only starting now in January. But hopefully I can get them here before next summer's trips ;) Anyway, on the occasion of the European Soccer Championship 2016 I...
  7. Barciur

    Keystones not reserved during Thanksgiving?

    Hello, I was just looking at the Keystones around Thanksgiving time and they were usually reserved trains. This year, they are on the peak fares between Harrisburg and PHL, but they are showing up as unreserved. Will that change later or is this going to be different this year? If I buy now and...
  8. Barciur

    Another Silver Florida winter trip report!

    As most of us in the northeast are busy with the clean up after the massive blizzard, it seems a very fitting moment to present this travel report from my round trip to Miami aboard Amtrak Silver Meteor. I am a European living in America and some of you may know some of my trip reports (which...
  9. Barciur

    First viewliner trip preparations

    Hello all! I'm taking my first trip in a viewliner on the way down to Miami from PHL. I have a few questions as my only experience in a roomette thus far an overnight Superliner from PGH to CHI. 1. Can I ask the attendant to make up the upper bunk for me instead of the lower bunk? Is the upper...
  10. Barciur

    How many points for a combined ticket?

    Hello, I am sitting at 3700 TQP's right now and have two more short trips planned before the end of the year and one big one with a return after New Year's. So, I have a $350 ticket for LNC-MIA in a sleeper coming up. Any idea how many points I will get out of that? I am not sure on how this is...
  11. Barciur

    Lviv - Odessa - a journey on Ukrainian railways

    Warning: There are about 50 pictures in this thread. It has always been my dream to take the Transsiberian Rail. Unfortunately, the costs are quite high – not necessarily just the ticket, but to get to Russia, one needs a rather expensive visa and transportation there is not the cheapest...
  12. Barciur

    Revised fare receipt

    Hello I have a trip booked far in advance, paid for nearly 2 months ago and just received a new receipt for it.. was a little nervous, went into it and it doesn't seem like it changed at all - but it was revised. This is what the e-mail looks like: Image removed for privacy Any idea what...
  13. Barciur

    one zone coach class redemption vs ticket

    Hello all, I am planning a trip from Miami to Lancaster which costs $142 in coach. If I buy 5000+1000, I am paying $137.50. So it's nearly the same price, but now I can book the reward and freely change the date regardless of the buckets going up at any time. The only disadvantage would be is...
  14. Barciur

    2/21 SB Silvers delayed

    Today Silver services 91 and 97 both left NYP with ~5 hour delays. The departures board in Philadelphia had a message saying "due to equipment issues." Curious that both of these were affected. Any idea what's up?
  15. Barciur

    arbitrary car closing

    Hey all I am on Keystone 620 right now and the train is hauling a full consist. However, the conductors just herded everyone into one car and are saying sorry just one car all others are closed. Now there is not as many people on the train but were forced to sit with a seatmate and no quiet...
  16. Barciur

    Airline taxes - much higher in the US?

    Hello This has been something that's been really interesting to me and I can't quite get a grasp on it. The bottom question is: why are round trip flights from US to Europe much more expensive than if you originate in Europe? I was looking at a sample BA flight from JFK to Amsterdam to JFK...
  17. Barciur

    Polish train engineer having fun with the display - Miami beach!

    Looks like one of the Polish engineers of the regional railroads had a dream to become an AMTRAK engineer! ;-) I'd not want to go to Miami in THIS though!
  18. Barciur

    Christmas/New Year period for Star service?

    Hello So I've been toying with the idea of going to Miami around Christmas/New Year's period next year (this year it's obviously too late to start planning). I am acutely aware that this is one of the busiest periods for that area tourist-wise, so here's a few questions. Is there any chance...
  19. Barciur

    First LD trip in the US - LNC-MKE

    So after the number of trip reports that I have done on travelling in Poland, finally my time came to get a taste in LD travel in the USA! While it wasn’t a long trip, it is something that gave me a good feel of what AMTRAK LD travel is all about and wanting more. So the idea for the trip was...
  20. Barciur

    50% senior discount on Keystone?

    Hey It's been brought to my attention that there is some kind of a 50% senior discount offered only on tickets bought at the station. Does anybody know anything about that? Someone who is a senior citizem that I know told me about it but I could not find anything at all about it. I'm just...