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    Trying to redeem for Lowe's - can't select postal option

    Hi, since I wont be travelling ANYTIME SOON, I'm trying to redeem for Lowes, if you select $100 option, it defaults to digital gift card......I don't want digital card, so I see the option to select postal mail, but it doesn't let me click that option, any one else having that same issue? Tried...
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    How to get receipt of past trip

    Hello, I need to obtain an email that includes the pdf ticket as well as payment info from a past trip of over 4 months ago, is that possible anywhere to obtain that?  I noticed they only keep your reservations for the past 5 days, help please, thanks.
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    Sunset Limited temp schedule

    Try March 1
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    Sunset Limited temp schedule

    Hello, it looks like the Sunset Limited (at least #2 eastbound) is departing Los Angeles about 3 hours earlier, at an unusual precise time of 7:26pm.  (why not 7:25 or 7:30 lol). Looks like for a week?  two weeks? I cant find a temporary schedule anywhere on Amtrak's site, (other than manually...
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    Amtrak Pacific Surfliner coach question

    And also 4 or 5 restrooms down below!! And slightly more privacy down below too when using the restrooms!
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    Tehachapi Detour!

    I'm surprised Mr. Anderson okay'd it, the way things are going, the next rule to come is "no more detours" because they cause a loss of ridership due to missed stops.
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    #14(02) & #11(04) - 2 PPC's

    Where 's the business class coach?
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    LA Union Station first class lounge

    Hello, where is the first class lounge for sleeper passengers located at Los Angeles Union Station? I have never seen it, nor any signs pointing to it. Do I have to check in to use it at the ticket window, or assuming I can find it, can I just walk to it with e-tickets in hand? Thanks
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    Auto Train and medical emergencies

    Remind me once again, there was a topic that said you should not take rental cars aboard the Auto Train....why is that?
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    Business Class (Long Distance Superliners)

    Hello, is the eventual plan to offer business class on all the Long Distance trains? I would love it if the Southwest Chief offered it.
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    Would ordering the catalog from the 1996 website work?

    I just scanned through the system timetable, where is the Maple Leaf?? And, the San Joaquins, with all those bus connections, makes it very confusing! Why cant they also just provide a TRAIN ONLY timetable for the Surfliners, Capitols, and San Joaquins??
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    Top speed of Toronto Union Pearson Express (UP)

    Hello, what is the top speed of the Toronto Union Pearson Express (UP) between Toronto Union Station and Toronto Int. Airport? Thanks,
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    VIA/Amtrak Maple Leaf - top speed? (in Canada portion)

    Hello, what is the top speed of the joint VIA/Amtrak Maple Leaf on the portion from Toronto Union Station to Niagara Falls, ON? Thanks
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    Maple Leaf out of Toronto Union Station, what time should I arrive?

    Hello, I plan on riding the Maple Leaf out of Toronto Union Station on a Sunday morning. Being that its a Sunday morning, should the station be somewhat not busy? (as compared to a weekday). I am not familiar with this station, how early should I arrive? Is it easy to navigate? I believe...
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    Auto train without a car?

    Okay the Traveler, should I let the rental car company that I am taking it on board Amtrak Auto Train? Will they authorize that? Or better not to say anything? But like I said what if the car is damaged (or worse totaled in a derailment), then what??
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    Auto train without a car?

    I thought I heard you should not rent a car because you are allowing Amtrak staff to drive your car to load and unload from the car carriers.... Wouldn't this Violate the rental car terms? (only u or authorized drivers) And imagine if the train derails... What a nightmare it would be dealing...
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    amtrak agent always busy

    Are these agents based in the U.S?
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    How does Amtrak keep their fleet graffiti free?

    How does Amtrak keep their fleet graffiti free? Unlike the freight trains, I almost never have seen graffiti on the outside of any Amtrak train. Is this because there are passengers on board, and the people doing the graffiti might get witnessed by the passengers? But what about when Amtrak...
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    Service disruption in LA

    Sorry, I didnt read the post correctly, you are BOARDING at Fullerton, then yes you will be bussed to San Bernardino.....there, #4 will have been waiting since it did come off the Metrolink San Bernardino mistake for not reading correctly.
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    Service disruption in LA

    That's weird, even if they bus you to San Bernardino, there is no Amtrak equipment waiting there. Word is that #4 will detour on the Metrolink San Bernardino Line.....this is a very fast 79 mph line, so you should get into San Bernardino much earlier than the scheduled time it were to take the...