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  1. Anthony V

    WSDOT retiring, selling Talgo trainsets, not acquiring "Wisconsin" trainsets yet

    Why is WSDOT so opposed to buying the Wisconsin sets? I don't know why they wouldn't, but do they not meet modern crash safety standards? IMO, that is the only valid reason for them not to buy them. They could easily be renovated to meet WSDOT service standards, and re-liveried into the Cascades...
  2. Anthony V

    Could we ask compensation for lack of SSL?

    The real reason Amtrak removed the PPC from the Coast Starlight is because they were getting too expensive to maintain. Remember, they one of the last of the Heritage Fleet rolling stock, which meant that parts for the cars were very difficult to find. This means that Amtrak often had to...
  3. Anthony V

    Amtrak Dining

    Another thing that sets Flynn apart from Anderson is that Flynn has repeatedly reiterated his support for the existing LD trains. Anderson was so brash about them and planned to discontinue 5-10 of them and turn the remaining ones into land cruises. That would've been disaster for not only the...
  4. Anthony V

    Union Station in Omaha

    Amtrak service would be a perfect compliment to the new railroad museum, and it would restore service to a facility designed to host passenger trains. It would also allow for more passenger train routes to serve Omaha someday in the future (I've suggested that the Missouri River Runner be...
  5. Anthony V

    UP and Amtrak

    While UP is not the easiest railroad for Amtrak to deal with today, they have gotten better from where they were in the late 1990's/early 2000s. For example, the reason the Crescent Star proposal from 2001 never started up is because of the inability to negotiate an agreement with UP to add...
  6. Anthony V

    Amtrak Dining

    I hope you're right. All of these dining service models are better than flex dining. Although it would be better if every LD train, both west and east of the Mississippi, got full service dining, I can see the routes with shorter average passenger trips, like the CL, CONO and Cardinal, not...
  7. Anthony V

    Lakeshore Rail Alliance - Advocating for More Service Along Lake Shore Limited Route

    While they will be entering Canada, they won't be running "through" there, "through" being defined as entering Canada, then later re-entering the United States on the same trip. The latter scenario would require two border crossings and the delays associated with them, rather than just one, like...
  8. Anthony V

    Fire stops Coast Starlight. Bridge burned (6/29/21)

    The good news is that this is not going to be another Sunset East situation. (Using a major disaster as an excuse to truncate an underperforming route).
  9. Anthony V

    Amtrak goes straight to STB to restore Gulf Coast service.

    You'll never see passenger rail service return to the Ocala route because CSX rerouted most of its trains going south of Jacksonville onto that route following the opening of the Sunrail commuter rail line in Orlando.
  10. Anthony V

    Amtrak goes straight to STB to restore Gulf Coast service.

    According to the SRC, two daily RT's between NOL and Mobile are phase 1 of the project to restore Gulf Coast service. Phase two will be to extend one of those RT's to Florida. That being said, phase 2 is still a ways off, but from a host railroad negotiations standpoint, with most of the route...
  11. Anthony V

    $66 billion for Amtrak

    Building the preclearance facility in Montreal is the last essential step to restoring the Montrealer train (via extending the Vermonter to Montreal). That facility will also be used by the Adirondack train. As far as restoring Chicago-Toronto service, while Ford is not paying for an Amtrak...
  12. Anthony V

    Amtrak goes straight to STB to restore Gulf Coast service.

    Is it possible to amend 49 U.S. Code § 24102 (7) (the law that requires ANY new route, regardless of length, to be state-funded) to include a new Gulf Coast train to Florida in the federally-funded national network? If that can be done, it will make it much easier to get around the lack of...
  13. Anthony V

    MSP - CHI second daily train poised to receive MN funding

    It wouldn't surprise me If Minnesota or Wisconsin placed an add-on to the Venture order to equip this train. Under this scenario, the Horizons would only be an intern solution to the equipment problem.
  14. Anthony V

    MSP - CHI second daily train poised to receive MN funding

    Now that all funding for this route is in place. The next big issue is equipment. Where are the locomotives and rolling stock going to come from? I suppose there could be an add on to the Siemens Venture order for the Midwest corridors from Minnesota, but I haven't heard of any plans to do that...
  15. Anthony V

    What if every LD train was an Auto Train?

    An Auto Train on the route of the California Zephyr would likely have to be routed on the Overland Route through Wyoming between DEN and SLC due to the immense length and weight of such a train, because the locomotives would have trouble pulling such a train over the Rocky Mountains on that part...
  16. Anthony V

    Midwest Venture Introduction Soon?

    FYI, these new railcars are branded as "Venture", not "Velaro"
  17. Anthony V

    MO Rail Plan request for input

    In addition to increased frequencies to the Missouri River Runner, It would be nice to see a new route planned, in partnership with Oklahoma, running from STL to OKC via Springfield, MO, and Tulsa, OK. (former Frisco mainline) At Springfield, there would be thruway bus connections to Kansas City...
  18. Anthony V

    Amtrak ConnectUS Announcement and Detailed Document

    Actually, the SFZ was on the chopping block as part of the Carter cuts, but the ongoing oil crisis at the time saved that route and a few others, including the Inter-American (today the Texas Eagle, albeit truncated), Southwest Limited (today the Southwest Chief), and the Pioneer (discontinued...
  19. Anthony V

    "The Dining Car Problem"

    We may have already found the solution to "the dining car problem" back in the 1990's. That is to run the dining car 24 hours a day, like they did on the Sunset Limited back then. During that experiment, the dining car on that train actually made money because they got more use out of an asset...
  20. Anthony V

    KCS accepts CN's merger offer...What does this mean for Amtrak?

    According to Trains Magazine, the Kansas City Southern Railroad has accepted Canadian National's offer for merger. The Surface Transportation Board still has to approve the merger, and Canadian Pacific has 5 days to counter-offer the proposal, or KCS will terminate their merger agreement with...