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    Vancouver, BC to Seattle- Business Class

    I'm making a plan to take a trip from Vancouver, BC to Seattle on Cascades on Sunday morning in October. Is it worthwhile to take business class or just taking coach class?
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    Well, the place where I'm at is right on the edge of declining Ogalla aquifier. Farmers has abandoning a lot of farm ground, let alone for ranch and/or dry land. I work on agriculture. I used to work on a dairy but went under due to very depressing milk price and drought. Now I work for a...
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    It would be nice to add a return trip icon like switching the arrival & departure stations around at one click instead of going back and redo the station names.
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    Family Bedroom

    I was looking at AGR reservation for a return trip home, SEA-LAX (Coast Starlight)-ABQ (Southwest). Unfortunately, AGR can't use that trip due to overnight stay in LAX. Only and complicated way is from SEA to SAC (Sacramento) on Coast Starlight, SAC to SKN (Stockton) on Ambus, SKN to BFD...
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    LA Union Station Tracks

    I was reading Metrolink June newsletter (in pdf format) on page 4 and it mentioned about LA Union Station tracks. Originally, there were 15 tracks if I remember correctly. Tracks #1 and #2 are used solely for Metro Gold Line. The last 3 tracks were removed more than 35 years ago. I don't...
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    Chase Amtrak Mastercard

    I received a mail about the promotion, issued by Chase, for 3x points from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31. It's a bit tricky. The fine print says that you'll get 3x points on grocery, gas, and dining. That's good for $251 or higher of grocery, gas, and dining on a statement (or is it 3 month period?)...
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    Fall Promotion 2009

    I've noticed that there were fall promotions for the past two years when the AU gatherings were held in Chicago and Los Angeles. I'm hoping that it will do it again this year. I am wondering if you have the details on points and dates?
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    I've booked the train LSL #449 & 49. My sleeper car is 4920 from BOS to ALB and then car 4912 from ALB to where the bumper stand is in Chicago. Question is do I have to be deboarded when arriving and then reboarding just before departure? It's about 1 1/2 hour layover. I asked the...
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    Extreme Train

    I watched the TV show last night on Discovery channel. It was a very interesting show, talking about the famed UP 844 that carry rodeo fans and railfans from Denver to Cheyenne. The steam locomotive carries 6,500 gallons of used motor oil and a seperate tender of water tank. I forget how many...
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    New Tunnel Under Construction

    Here's the info from CNN News.
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    California Bus

    My mom wants to go to Bakersfield. She's flying into Burbank. There's an Ambus stop right next to the airport. However, California laws requires to ride a segment of train travel. I am wondering if I could book a train ticket between Bakersfield and Wasco to meet the requirment. And skip...
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    Coast Starlight

    I'm in a process of making a plan from Modesto, CA to San Luis Obispo, CA. I'm taking ACE commuter train from Modesto (Lathrop) to San Jose and then hop on Coast Starlight. I do aware that the wine tasting is open to coach passengers for $10, if I'm right. Which approx. station the wine...
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    Acela Express

    As some of our AU members are preparing to go to Boston for 2009 AU Gathering, some of us would like to try out the Acela Express, the fastest train in North America, and perhaps the "New World". Could you give me which segments (or between stations) where the 150mph track that Acela runs?
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    I tried but it appears to be off-line.
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    Coast Starlight Detour

    Here's the info from NARP hotline! Scroll down to middle of page for more information. Here's the rare mileage for railfans! Sadly, I'm not retired yet.
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    I was watching MythBusters on Discovery channel a while ago. The topic is will the bystander standing right next to the platform get sucked in once the high speed (79 mph) train passed by. So they did an experiment with a gel dummy and a baby stroller. They were on the yellow zone of...
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    One or Two Zone

    I called to redeem points from LAX to LMY (Lamy) in roomette on Southwest Chief. According to the AGR agent, he said two zones. The map on AGR website says one zone. Who is right?
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    TV Commercial- AT&T

    I was watching tonight TV show and there was a commercial, a pretty funny one, that show a quick glimpse of California cars on track. It's about the conductor asking the engineer in a cab car, "How fast you can go on AT&T wireless?" (something like that). The engineer sped up the train and...
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    CA Biggest Storm

    I heard that the 3 punch storms are on the way to CA. It'll dump a lot of snow over Donner Pass. I am wondering if CZ is still chugging along or not?
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    BART Stations

    I'm preparing to make a plan for the Christmas trip and am planning to fly to either Oakland or San Fransisco airports. BART would be used and I'm aware that there's BART Richmond station that is used by Amtrak. Are there other stations, up to few blocks away? San Joaquins is the one I use to...