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  1. MrFSS

    Gathering IX Registration

    Second and last reminder - registration closes one week from today.
  2. MrFSS

    Lafayette, Indiana, hotels near Amtrak

    Actually, the Wabash River separates them.
  3. MrFSS

    Auto Train Lounge on Cap (9/4)

    What's in the bowls on the tables? Chips or snacks?
  4. MrFSS

    Florida to Alaska by Rail?

  5. MrFSS

    Gathering IX Registration

    This is first notice that Registration will close on Friday, September 25 at midnight (EDT). If you even think you may attend, please register by following the link shown above.
  6. MrFSS

    Dome car opportunities

    I don't think anyone is maintaining it. Trainweb apparently lets it sit there for reference. I have a few pictures of domes I donated to the owner of the site in years past, One of them was a dome he had been looking for for many years and it was about 20 miles from where I live. He was quite...
  7. MrFSS

    Dome car opportunities

    This LINK will let you see info about essentially all US dome cars ever built. The page creator was an AU member for many years until he passed away a few years back. His great web page continues.
  8. MrFSS

    Hoosier State/Iowa Pacific Transition Thread

    Interesting story. LINK Last paragraph says: If Indiana is truly serious about being a business-friendly state, would like to attract the best and brightest of employees and add significantly to the local and state economy, its businesses would generously benefit from having 21st century...
  9. MrFSS

    Hoosier State/Iowa Pacific Transition Thread

    That dome/observation car is really nice as you ride through the mountains of northwest and central Indiana!! :P
  10. MrFSS

    Amtrak Guest Rewards 2.0 Coming January 2016

    Original site killed it as it wasn't supposed to be public info, yet.
  11. MrFSS

    Hoosier State/Iowa Pacific Transition Thread

    I signed up for it and the confirming email came back to me immediately and clicking on the confirm button in the email took me back and said I was signed up. Do you have another email you could try, check your spam folder?
  12. MrFSS

    Hoosier State/Iowa Pacific Transition Thread

    HERE is the actual agreement between INDot and IP.
  13. MrFSS

    Staffing Announcements

    Please join me in welcoming Jeb R (jebr) as a new Global Moderator. As we continue to grow as the best Amtrak forum in the world, Jeb will assist in keeping things running smoothly. Also, Penny (pennyk) has been moved from Forum Manager to full Administrator. Her assistance has been invaluable...
  14. MrFSS

    $.90 CHI-IND Fares!

    They are on Amtrak's web site. Look for dates out in the future, as per the attached. Once they sell out, there are no more for that date.
  15. MrFSS

    The saga continues: pdx-lax-nol

    The SSL goes to Sacramento? :)
  16. MrFSS

    Why does Amtrak pay for hotel stays when the delay is not their fault?

    In my working days, years ago, when I traveled by air a lot, I was put up in hotels many, many times by the airline even when it wasn't their fault. I had them buy me meals, rent me a car to drive to the final destination. Last major trip my wife and I took right before retirement was to Hawaii...
  17. MrFSS

    Viewliner II - Part 1 - Initial Production and Delivery

    There is one dining car, 8400. Number of AU folk have had meals in it ion trips. No sleepers, yet.
  18. MrFSS

    Hoosier State/Iowa Pacific Transition Thread

    Now that Amtrak doesn't have the HS to use as a hospital train, The Cardinal has the duties. From a Chicago railcam, this was this morning's train burdened down with a bunch of stuff going to Beech Grove.
  19. MrFSS

    Were any Amtrak trains delayed because of accidents on 8/1 or 8/2

    Was there any snow involved with the storm? :P
  20. MrFSS

    Hoosier State/Iowa Pacific Transition Thread

    Bringing this back on topic, I "heard" elsewhere, but saw no proof, that IP has already had a bustitution for some reason. I'll post more if I learn anything about it.