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    Interesting info re hotel where Amtrak crew stays in Pittsburgh

    So on a previous thread it was mentioned about different hotels in my home City of Pittsburgh. So this brings up this interesting story I heard the other day. I work at a convenience store in downtown Pittsburgh and I wait on many Amtrak employees. One of the employees told me that they are...

    Cutting Amtrak in PA????

    Looks like I may never get to go to Lancaster one day now. Never took the Pennsylvanian yet, but still would be sad to lose it.

    Iowa service?

    Saw this online tonight, I say go for it!

    Everybody ok???

    Just heard on my local news that the EB CL 30 hit a car in Alliance, Ohio this morning around 3 A.M. They was stopped for a while and when arrived in Pittsburgh everybody was transferred to a Greyhound to DC. I hope nobody from here was on it! As for the comment this lady made, I believe her...

    Capital Limited Trip

    My girlfriend, son and I traveled from Bloomington to Chicago then the Chicago to PGH trip on the Limited. That was on 03/17/2010. I enjoyed the trip. Only 1 problem was we had a stoppage on the Limited for 2 hours just west of Toledo. A car decided to "beat the train" and lost. A freight train...

    Amtrak to Peoria?

    I lived just outside Peoria, Illinois last year for a year. They was suppose to meet to discuss an Amtrak extension in Peoria. If I still lived there I would be 100% for this. Especially a Chicago to Bloomington to Peoria route. Perhaps a route to connect...

    Pittsburgh subway

    We a subway/light rail here, it only goes underground in downtown. Its ok, it is ran by our broke public transit. I have seen Chicago's and recently CTA got a scanner link to listen to the subway and buses online.


    Due to some jacked up circumstances, I had to take a Greyhound from Chicago to Pittsburgh in October. I actually liked it. Its no Amtrak, but it wasn't so bad! Anybody else ever ride a Greyhound? How was your experience?

    Hello all!

    Hello all! My name is Don. I'm an EMT and volunteer Firefighter. I'm 35 and from Pittsburgh, Pa. Always loved trains as a kid and in 2009 I rode one with my girlfriend and son for the first time, We have taken the Amtrak 3 times now for a round trip Pittsburgh to Chicago to Bloomington/Normal...