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    Are you using the AGR credit card less?

    for years we have amassed agr points with the agr credit card. have gone for a lot of wonderful trips using points. the other day i was getting gas and used my costco citi card with the 4% gasoline rebate. i think the agr card may slip to the back of the wallet given the continual downgrades...
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    spokane to glacier park. yea or nay.

    i know whether to travel at this time is discussed in the main covid-19 thread but the wife and i were looking at going from spokane to east glacier park in coach in very early july. an 8 hour trip. we are both seniors. we would stay a night at glacier park lodge and return by train the next...
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    VIA suspends overnight trains

    March 13, 2020, at 4:00 p.m. In light of the recent measures being taken to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), VIA Rail’s overnight trains (Toronto-Vancouver and Montreal-Halifax) have been cancelled beginning March 13, 2020. These trains will not be operating from March 13 to...
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    27 breakfast SPK-PDX

    no more boxed breakfast spk-pdx. now, we have a continental breakfast that is even worse than the old box meal. jimmy dean rubberized sandwich, yogurt, cereal bar. 3 item limit. if this is what is offered on the eastern trains i see why folks are unhappy
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    earn 1 point for every dollar spent on automatic payments

    got an agr email today which says you get 1 point for every dollar spent on automatic payments made with the amtrak mastercard. i already get 1 agr point per dollar spent on recurring payments and everything else. does this mean i will get 2 points per dollar spent on recurring payments...
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    MSP "first class lounge"

    what is the msp "first class lounge" like? hopefully a bit nicer than that which was in the old midway station.
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    steamed mussels

    how are the steamed mussels on the lunch menu? are they served in the shell or just the mussel meat in a sauce? thanks
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    Is the point redemption in a roomette the same for 1 or 2 passengers?

    i called agr with this question and the agent gave what, in the past anyway, was an incorrect answer. it's been awhile since i redeemed points for a roomette. so, is it still the case that if i use points for a roomette that the amount of points is the same whether 1 or 2 travel in the...
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    nostalgia coupled to reality, boston globe article wasn't aware the eb stopped at wagner, mt but other than that not a bad article
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    electrical outlets in sleeper sections?

    took "the canadian" a few years ago and we got a section in a manor car. was great except no outlet in the section. anyone know if they might have installed them in the interim? taking "the canadian" again in a section in january. thanks
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    couple things i didn't know about amtrak operating crews

    had a pleasant breakfast with an amtrak engineer on the cz who was going to chicago for yearly training a couple weeks ago. he told me a couple things i didn't know. first, i thought all long distance trains had two engineers. not the case, the engineer's run was out of, i believe, lincoln...
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    menus for sleeper plus on "the canadian"?

    meal menus used to be on the via website for "the canadian". i can't find them now. are they still there? thanks
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    agr 2.0 is the biggest thing for amtrak junkies since.................

    the leaked announcement of the upcoming(and until 8/31 unknown) agr changes has provoked a lot of comment on the board. after 8/31 i would guess it will intensify. i am looking forward to the activity on this board. whether we like the new agr or not we should get some fun out of debating it...
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    agr is changing,what was your longest,strangest or best redemption?

    as many of us are expecting big changes for how agr redemptions will work after the first of the year, what have been some of your longest, strangest or best redemptions. i have always tried to maximize train miles so i guess my longest was a 2 zone spokane to atlanta where we were routed...
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    more tightening up on allowed trips

    was looking at 2-zone award spk-atl a couple weeks ago. the routing that came up in arrow was spk-pdx-lax-nol-atl. all within 2 zones. anyway, i sent a message to the insider on flyer talk as to why arrow won't show legitimate routings such as spk-elp which the train would go through as it...
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    old railroad infrastructure along amtrak routes

    i suppose my favorite old railroad infrastructure along an amtrak route is the semaphores in the raton area. the snowsheds on marias pass, old signals and signal bridges, the rockwork on retaining embankments, the hand dug tunnels coming up the east face of the rockies toward the moffat tunnel...
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    why is joe boardman known for favoring the nec?

    i have read quite a lot in the past few years(trains magazine, train orders and probably on this board)where the writer says that boardman favors the nec at the expense of ld routes. is this so? why?
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    no more printed system timetables?

    this probably has been discussed earlier but i was talking with a ticket agent in pdx and he said they have no printed system timetables and he doesn't believe they are printing them anymore. just another thing for us old folks to be nostalgic about and for everyone else to say "why would you...
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    how much is this costing amtrak?

    i guess i have got a bee in my bonnet over this but it seems to me one of the most idiotic things, out of many, that i have known amtrak to do. many previously bookable, guaranteed connections from spokane,wa(and other cities east of sea/pdx to the continental divide)are no longer bookable as...
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    a lot of recently allowed itineraries no longer allowed

    we have many times, as recently as last fall, taken one zone rewards sleeper travel of spokane to denver(eb-cs-cz), spokane to el paso(eb-cs-sl) and spokane to albuquerque(eb-cs-swc) and intermediate points on the cz, sl and swc. none of these are now allowed as one zone awards because they are...