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    Newbie with questions about becoming OBS Trainee

    The last I knew, 98 turned for 91 and 92 for 97 to balance the hours ETA PennyK might have a more up to date idea...
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    A Great Rail Journey EB CS CZ

    Great report so far!
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    Autotrain Services Drastically Cut?

    ] "Barb Stout, post: 925935, member: 14958"] What is "an employee call out"? Where they call and say they are unable to report for work.
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    Trip Report to Grand Junction

    Sounds like one was heated by convection and the other by microwave...
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    Trip Report to Grand Junction

    Great report so far....Thanks!
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    Autotrain Services Drastically Cut?

    Amtrak has been there and done that....I think they learned their lesson....(I hope)...
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    Silver Service consists

    They clean, refill water, inspect wheels and brake shoes, make minor repairs (add freon, unclog toilet, repair broken latches, etc) and send the train back out.
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    Amtrak nurse (proposal for the future)

    There already is one in every food service car.
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    Price Differences

    If you book the segments separately, you run the risk of losing the Guaranteed connection. Not worth the $$ savings in my opinion...
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    Price Differences

    It sounds like the multi segment is using sleepers in both segments?
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    Amtrak Dining

    This became apparent to me my first year of employment. I was the LSA in the Dome Lounge on the Auto Train and some VP of passenger something came by and introduced himself. He then proceeded to "ask how thing were", " what could be improved", etc. I gave two or three suggestions, his eyes...
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    Short staffing leading to cuts? (RPA Article)

    What they received was a percentage (30 or 40 %) of the salaries saved which was distributed to the affected employees based on some formula of # of trips each crew person made over the course of the year.
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    Short staffing leading to cuts? (RPA Article)

    This change was not pushed for by the Union. It was a Management initiative that was pushed rather strongly.
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    Short staffing leading to cuts? (RPA Article)

    The LD trains operate under different Union Contracted rules than the NEC. All LD trains can operate with one Cdr and one Asst Cdr per the Union agreement. This was negotiated approx. 10 years ago, and a portion of the cost savings is distributed to crew to compensate for the extra work required.
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    30 (17-18) is really late

    I don't think it is your imagination. It was my observation, many years ago when I worked this route, that the A/T engines and equipment were better maintained than the rest of the system. I attributed it to the small, dedicated mechanical force in Sanford that focused on a specific set of...
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    Amtrak teases upgraded bedding/amenities for sleeping cars

    Blanket size has always been the same for all rooms...
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    Short staffing leading to cuts? (RPA Article)

    One minor correction to what you have posted. There are ZERO Amtrak trains that operate with several assistant Conductors. All LD trains operate with One Conductor and One Asst. Conductor. There may be a few NEC trains that have a second asst. Conductor, but are usually regionals with 8 or more...
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    Short staffing leading to cuts? (RPA Article)

    You live in a dream world...Even if you do get T&E employees to transfer to a new base, They have to get qualified on operating rules and physical characteristics of their new route, which takes several weeks if not months. Also, to clarify, Amtrak does not transfer "employees " all over the...
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    Heartland Flyer Versus Car Carrier

    This is absolutely false. They want to start reducing the speed of the train as soon as a problem is spotted.
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    Can the Coast Starlight route be extended?

    Not to mention there is no Commissary in SD, and the crew is LA based, etc