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  1. cpotisch

    Double Days 2019!

    It's back!  Double your points March 18 - May 18 Typical terms and conditions, and you have to register for it here. Enjoy! :)
  2. cpotisch

    NYP-ROC and back on the LSL - Live Report!

    Backpack is bulging and devices are charging! Tomorrow at 3:40 PM we catch Lake Shore Limited #49 (in a Roomette) to Rochester! On Wednesday we will be touring Rochester Institute of Technology (the real point of this trip), and on Thursday we come home on LSL #49, boarding at 9:53 AM. Not...
  3. cpotisch

    Crescent/CONO/Cardinal June Triangle Trip

    Hello all! We are about to book a June trip to and from New Orleans on #19, #58, and #50. It will be me, my mom, and my grandparents in two Roomettes on the Crescent to New Orleans, then three days (four nights) down there, after which GPs will fly home, and me and mom will catch the CONO and...
  4. cpotisch

    NYP-DLB and back on the Silver Meteor - live report

    Hello all! This is my first time attempting a trip report so please bear with me. I left school at 1:34 PM, caught the 3 up to NYP, and got into the ClubAcela at 1:57. The Meteor is currently running on time, and the plan is to head down from the lower level and board early. Currently chilling...
  5. cpotisch

    New record for most online!

    Today AU just hit a new record for most users online! The previous record was 647 on November 22, 2014. An hour ago we hit 949! It probably has some connection to the new software, but I don't know what that would be. Still, new record!
  6. cpotisch

    Thank you AU

    Hello everyone! Today marks one year since I first posted on Amtrak Unlimited, and I just want to say how much I appreciate all of you for help me over this past year. I know that I'm not the easiest person to put up with and be patient with, especially when I'm asking too many questions or...
  7. cpotisch

    Trip Advice Needed

    I think I've done New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Nevada, Utah...
  8. cpotisch

    Leaving AU

    I wanted to let everyone know that I will be leaving Amtrak Unlimited. AU has been an incredibly helpful and interesting resource, so I want to thank you all for your help and assistance over the past 9 months. Unfortunately, I've realized lately that I have nothing to contribute to this board...
  9. cpotisch

    Sleeper Plus "Discounted" Accommodations

    Hello All! Was just looking at Sleeper Plus fares on the Canadian, and was a bit confused about the options. The site frequently shows "Discounted" accommodations along with non-discounted ones, and I'm wondering if there's any difference. So, for example on December 18, there are 10 Sleeper...
  10. cpotisch

    What was it like to travel in a Heritage Sleeper?

    Hello all! I was just wondering how many of you have ever taken a Heritage 10-6 sleeper. Do you remember it fondly? Were they noisy? Did they ride poorly? Was it just generally comfortable? I started traveling Amtrak well after that era, and just wanted to know what it was like. To my...
  11. cpotisch

    Lounge Attendant on the Zephyr

    Hello! This is a very obscure question, but this is probably the only place to ask it. In August of 2016, I took the Eastbound Zephyr from EMY to CHI. Throughout the ride, the SSL attendant would repeatedly announce/advertise his snack offerings over the train’s PA, which is pretty normal, but...
  12. cpotisch

    Lake Shore Limited Diner Lite Discussion and Review

    Two sad words tonight: Diner. And Lite. Sent from my iPhone using Amtrak Forum
  13. cpotisch

    Onboard Sleeper Upgrades

    Hola! 12 days until I ride #422 from Pomona, CA to CHI. I’m currently booked in the Family Bedroom, but ideally want the full Bedroom. It’s currently sold out, but has become available again a few times. If there are any available when I board, is the upgrade charge always be set at the low...
  14. cpotisch

    Family bedroom upgrade on #422

    Hello everybody! As Ive mentioned before Ill be riding TE #422 on 2/18 from Pomona, CA to Chicago. Itll be me and my dad, and were currently booked in an (upper level) roomette. For $391 we can upgrade to the family bedroom, which could fit our bags and be a lot closer to the bathrooms...
  15. cpotisch

    98 Silver Meteor Derails in SAV (1/3/18)

    So funny story: Were currently at the Savannah station. One of the switches leading in (like many switches along the way) was frozen, so we had to overshoot and back back in. Heres where things get interesting. Upon backing in, the baggage car passed back over the frozen switch, the switch...
  16. cpotisch

    Upgrade to bedroom on TE #422

    Hello! A couple months ago I booked a roomette for my dad and I on the TE #422 from Pomona, CA to Chicago. As you all know that is a 61+ hour ride. I'm 5'10", my dad is 6'1". We have taken the Superliner Roomette once before (on the Zephyr from Emeryville to Chicago), and while it was cozy, it...
  17. cpotisch

    Breakfast for Lunch on the Cardinal?

    Hello everyone! I'm thinking about taking the Card in December and had an obscure question: I'm a vegetarian and saw that on the Cardinal's menu, there aren't any options without meat. Since the Card's diner(-lite) exclusively uses microwaves and convection ovens, do you think they would let me...
  18. cpotisch

    Time of year to take the eastbound Zephyr

    Hello All! I'm thinking about taking the Zephyr from EMY to CHI next year and was wondering what is considered to be the best time of year to do so. I took #6 last August from Emeryville to Chicago and absolutely loved it, but haven't been able to get a sense of what would be the absolute best...
  19. cpotisch

    Which room number on the LSL?

    I'm taking a roomette in February on the LSL from CHI - NYP and have Roomette number 1, is there any way to determine what side of the train that will be on. I know that the right side has the best view on the eastbound, but what direction are the Viewliners generally facing on the LSL...
  20. cpotisch

    Amfleet II vs Amfleet I seating

    Hello. I know that the Pennsylvanian, Adirondack, Maple Leaf, and Empire Service operate mixed consists of both Amfleet I and Amfleet II cars. Does that mean that next time I travel on one of those routes, I will get the better seats and legroom in the Amfleet II? OR did Amtrak modify those...