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  1. PerRock

    Amtrak unveils new 50th Anniversary units & Phase VII paint scheme

    I didn't see a thread about this... In a new video about paint schemes, Amtrak has shown a preview of their new 50th Anniversary Units & the new Phase VII paint scheme. You can see the video here: Some screen-grabs of the new paint (taken by u/MrWhiskers8000 on reddit)
  2. PerRock

    UK Gov't to take over East Coast operations

    the UK government announced that they will be (re)taking over the ECML franchise from Virgin Trains at the end of June. The new service will be called the London and North Eastern Railway, after the historic railway of the same name. BBC Article: peter
  3. PerRock

    Amtrak to get new locomotives

    I got sent an internal press release via a friend from Amtrak (he doesn't work for Amtrak). I'll work on getting a link to it. But in essence it states that GE will be installing HEP into two Tier 4 ES44ACH locomotives to evaluate the performance of the locomotives in a "passenger-oriented...
  4. PerRock

    Survey: Tipping on Amtrak

    Since opinions vary greatly on the topic of tipping. I thought I'd run a survey to find out how people actually tip when on board (and Red Caps). So if you've taken Amtrak before (I presume the bulk of you have) please take my survey, even if you don't tip! I'll post the responses here once they...
  5. PerRock

    First Timer Questions, Tips, Tricks, etc

    I've begun updating the r/Amtrak wiki on Reddit. So I am reaching out to you all for your Tips, Tricks & FAQs that first time riders could use. Credit is given for the entries, if you'd like your Reddit account linked, feel free to post the tips in my thread on Reddit. I've also gathered a...
  6. PerRock

    CAT/Progress Rail to drop EMD name

    Whole article: peter
  7. PerRock

    LSL Michigan Reroute Rumors & Speculation

    Disclaimer this is atleast 3rd hand information now... Discussion on is talking about the Lake Shore Limited being permanently rerouted thru Michigan. The current plans are for the LSL running on the Michigan Line starting in Oct. and running for a month. Beyond that known...
  8. PerRock

    Joe Boardman on C-Span

    Joe Boardman was interviewed on CSPAN this morning. I'm on my crappy work computer so can't watch the interview; but here is a link: peter
  9. PerRock

    Cascades NPCUs

    I'm re-asking this question for someone else on a different forum; figured you guys might know a bit more info then I do. Amtrak 90250, an F40 NPCU, was originally painted in a Cascades paint scheme was recently spotted now sporting phase V. Does anyone know why the change? I presume it is...
  10. PerRock

    In response to 'why can't passengers know the speed?'

    A lot of modern trains have that information available to the passengers. Usually it's presented with other route information in either an LCD screen or an LED scrolling bar. Other information included usually is: Next station, Route termination location, Major intermediary stops, weather (or at...
  11. PerRock

    Trainz a New Era is coming out soon!

    [/media] Trainz a New Era (or TANE) is coming out on May 15th. You can preorder it now, details below. TANE's features include: Full world generated shadows, Procedural Junctions, Train motion, Locomotive tuning, the easy to learn & use Surveyor, multiplayer, and much more. The purpose-built...
  12. PerRock

    Green Express Boxes

    I was going some research for a model texture I made of an Express Box Car; and an interesting question came to mind. Why are some of the PCF 50' Box Cars painted green rather then an Amtrak striping? peter
  13. PerRock

    Trainz: A New Era is available for Pre-Order

    After a successful Kickstarter Campaign Trainz: A New Era (TANE) is now available for pre-order. They haven't announced a firm release date yet, but we're told to expect it to be available mid November to Early December! TANE includes: New graphics engine with full world shadows and...
  14. PerRock

    NKP 765 heads north to Michigan

    Nickel Plate 765 is heading north today from Ft. Wayne to Toledo. It's final destination will be Owasso, MI. However it will be spending the night in Toldeo tonight & they plan/hope to have it open to the public so that you can come by and take a tour thru the cars & see her up close. The night...
  15. PerRock

    Amtrak Standard Stations

    I'm learning 3D modeling to make addons for Trainz Railroad simulator. And while I have a couple projects for Trainz underway, their all fairly complicated. I thought something like the 'Standard Station' Amtrak uses would be a fairly easy thing to model, to get my feet wet. The only problem is...
  16. PerRock

    Trainz: A New Era; Kickstarter

    N3V (the maker of Trainz) has started a Kickstarter campaign to support the next version of Trainz: A New Era (TANE or T2). They tease lots of new features & advancements, the biggest being a whole new game engine. For those who don't know how Kickstarter works, basically you pledge to support...
  17. PerRock

    Amtrak F40PHR #257 - special Phase II paint scheme

    So I've been working on the wiki page for Amtrak Paint Schemes, lately and noticed something in the picture posted showing Phase II. The picture (linked below) has Unit 257 on point, however in the photo 257 has red & white striping on the plow and something written underneath the cab windows...
  18. PerRock

    WALLY/MiTrain Cars on exhibit this Friday in Ann Arbor If your in the Ann Arbor area, swing by & take a look! peter
  19. PerRock

    pricing an accessable room

    So I'm helping my boss out plan a trip on the Zephyr; his wife is disabled and he's curious about using the accessible room. What type of room should I select to get an idea of the cost of such a trip would be? Peter