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  1. Big Green Chauvanist

    Catching the train in Seattle

    Others may know better about the ORCA card as I have been using the senior version for ten years now and haven't been following updates. That said, I have kept funds in my original, regular ORCA for use by visitors and it still shows an active status and with funds still available in the...
  2. Big Green Chauvanist

    Catching the train in Seattle

    @ V V. Any particular reason for taking the Bremerton Ferry? Something special about Bremerton (other than if you are interested in the Navy base)? The ferry to Bainbridge Island takes less time. I ask because some like to ride the ferry for fun, not having any particular destination in mind...
  3. Big Green Chauvanist

    Ugliest and Soul-less Amtrak Stations Used in Metropolises Today

    So true. The last time I was in the old Union Station, which, admittedly, was many years ago, there was also a display of railroad history and memorabilia. I wonder if it's still there. Glad the Chihuly piece is still in place. Tacoma was lucky indeed that the magnificent station was saved...
  4. Big Green Chauvanist

    Amtrak Dining

    And I like the flowers on the table. Bring'em back along with the china and tablecloths!
  5. Big Green Chauvanist

    Will full service dining ever return to the Western trains?

    Odd. This thread had many posts through September, 2020, then went dead until yesterday. Am I missing something in between? I just saw this sample western route menu and couldn't believe my eyes. Am I simply dreaming...
  6. Big Green Chauvanist

    Dedicated Sleeper Lounge/Waiting Area in Seattle?

    True. The renovation of the main waiting room, aka the Great Hall, was beautifully executed, but stopped there. There is room even on that level for a first- and business- class lounge. I took tours when the renovation was ongoing. The former women's waiting room (I believe it is depicted in...
  7. Big Green Chauvanist

    Who travels in the Sleeper Cars?

    I'm old enough to remember the great "liners" the extinct railroads had plying the country. I never traveled on one, but vowed I would take a long distance train some day. By the time I finally did, Amtrak had arrived. I have gone cross country from coast to coast several times over the past...
  8. Big Green Chauvanist

    It’s Time For America To Get Serious About Fixing The Trains

    You make a point and overnight suits you. But there are those who cannot afford sleeping accommodations or who can't sleep sitting or who, like me, enjoy looking out the window and watching the country pass by. For a daytime trip, no need for sleeping accommodations--and you get to sleep in a...
  9. Big Green Chauvanist

    spokane to glacier park. yea or nay.

    Izaak Walton Inn is great for a rail fan--homey, good food and right on the Highline. Only be careful when booking. I was put in a room directly over the kitchen. Loud noises emanating therefrom kept me up until the wee hours. If you stay at the inn, insist on not getting that room.
  10. Big Green Chauvanist

    King Street Station (Seattle)

    Yes, it's very sad state of affairs. We were so proud when the station was completely renovated it's very sad state of affairs. We were so proud when the station was completely renovated some years ago, returned--as if by magic--back to its former glory. We had such high hopes. But in the...
  11. Big Green Chauvanist

    Talgos on the Move for Good!

    Interesting article on this subject with more information can be found on the December 8 Trains [magazine] News Wire.
  12. Big Green Chauvanist

    Seattle and the Puget Sound: The Nation's Most Complicated Mass Transit

    Matthew: Thank you for your original post. It did not mention directly two other transportation options, which many scoff at and even mock. But one has stood the test of time (nearly sixty years) and the other is sputtering to keep going. I speak of the monorail between downtown Seattle and...
  13. Big Green Chauvanist

    Business Class in the west?

    OP does not ask specifically about the Cascades, but if leaving from King Street Seattle, going business class at the very least lets you avoid waiting in that ridiculous line (that winds through the Great Hall) for seat assignments in coach.  Business class gets seat assignments at the ticket...
  14. Big Green Chauvanist

    Amtrak's New "Fresh Choices" Dining on CL & LSL

    I'd put it a different way. The maître d' goes through the sleepers first and then the coaches to take dinner or lunch reservations. I always ask for the first seating (and travel in a sleeper). On my trip on the Coast Starlight last month, I was seated with some coach passengers at the first...
  15. Big Green Chauvanist

    Pacific Parlour Car Permanently Retired February 2018

    I take Amtrak--if time allows--and if it meets my travel endpoint because 1) do not like flying and 2) I have a perhaps irrational love of simply traveling by train. I was young when the last crack trains of so many independent railroads ran. Though I never did ride an overnight luxe...
  16. Big Green Chauvanist

    Derailment of Cascades #501, DuPont WA, 2017-12-18

    But what ABOUT crew interviews? Surely the crew can have by now been interviewed, even if from their hospital beds (if still hospitalized). The local news outlets that I have read no longer mention anything about the injured.
  17. Big Green Chauvanist

    Derailment of Cascades #501, DuPont WA, 2017-12-18

    Besides multiple media outlets calling the Cascade a "high-speed train", one of the nightly national news programs this evening referred to it as a "commuter train".
  18. Big Green Chauvanist

    Fall 2017 Amtrak Cascades schedule

    There will be some stretches of single track on the new bypass from Tacoma to Nisqually, where the new route rejoins the mainline, but freight traffic on the bypass will be minimal, so overall planned reduction in travel time between SEA-PDX should not be affected. And on-time arrival...
  19. Big Green Chauvanist

    How Many "Union Stations" Are There?

    Make that "beautifully restored" to its former glory. Seattle must be one of the few with two great old stations, across the street from each other, still extant. King Street Station served the Great Northern and Northern Pacific in the day; Union Station the Union Pacific and Milwaukee Road...