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    Connection 8 to 30 or 48?

    So, of all 4 of those missed 30 connections, I wouldn't have missed the 48 connection? That helps tremendously. Thanks for doing the leg work!
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    Connection 8 to 30 or 48?

    I was afraid of that. That was my experience before when I missed both after a ridiculous delay on the Desert Wind, but that was also decades ago, so I wasn't sure if things changed. The good thing is that I can get a ride if we miss both connections.
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    Connection 8 to 30 or 48?

    I've got a bedroom from SEA to CHI. I am not opposed to coach, but think a roomette a better option for allowing my son to wind down, and besides, I have the points to cover it.
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    Connection 8 to 30 or 48?

    My son and I are going to be coming back from Seattle to Elkhart in mid-October. Originally, we were going to overnight with family in Chicago so we didn't have to worry about missing a connection. Now, my family member is moving out of state and we won't have a couch to crash on so we are...
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    Amtrak Dining

    Technically speaking, I think you've always had those two options, but when eating in the diner pre-COVID, it was a communal experience. You would be sat with people with whom you weren't traveling if there was room at the table. The loss of this communal experience led many to just take...
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    1.5 billion for Amtrak in stimulus with daily service mandate (Passed in Congress)

    How so? I am truly hopeful that is the case as I just booked my mid-October trip on the Builder last night and there is nothing on the Flex menu my son will eat. I know they were targeting the end of May for flex dining on the Western LD routes, but I would welcome language that doesn't let...
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    1.5 billion for Amtrak in stimulus with daily service mandate (Passed in Congress)

    I realize that the bill does not address dining, but it does say that furloughed employees must be recalled. Do you think it safe to assume that since the staff is coming back (the biggest expense on the F&B side) that they won't have full staffs dedicated to microwave heating meals, right?
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    AGR Mastercard (Platinum) Bonus Points Question

    I am looking to apply for the AGR Platinum Card (the one without the annual fee). It offers 12,000 bonus points if you make $1,000 in purchases within the first 90 days. Do they ever run specials that increase the bonus points? If so, is there any cadence to when they do so? I know that the...
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    Alstom making progress on Acela 2 contract/delays

    I don’t doubt it. I am just trying to figure out ETA in Elkhart so I can see it on my hometown webcam. But I also have a meeting tomorrow morning and don’t want to be up too late. I have a conundrum. Thanks!
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    Alstom making progress on Acela 2 contract/delays

    How is this being tracked?
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    Trump budget cuts Amtrak (again)

    There will be absolutely no political capital to save it. All spending bills must originate in the House, which is disinclined to give Trump his way in anything.
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    Buying Points with a Gift Card

    I wasn’t planning on banking them. I want to use them. If it is a third party seller, I can probably use a Visa gift card (which can also be purchased with my Amazon card). We have a couple of big non-rail trips coming up this year and I really need my own get away. But it has to be as...
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    Buying Points with a Gift Card

    I am not a frequent traveller. I have been fortunate enough to take one LD trip annually for the last several years. This year, I am trying to find a way to take another LD trip in October. I only have 5400 miles saved up. I want to spend as little cash as possible, and I've been pricing out...
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    Board nominee

    Some of these are good questions. I should probably clarify...I am not going to question him. His answers right now mean nothing to me. He’s not an elected official anymore. I am going to advocate for Amtrak. He has been on the Cardinal/Hoosier State (his tweet was not clear) with his son...
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    Board nominee

    Ok, so I am going to ask for some help here. As it turns out, I know Mr. Rokita. I have the opportunity to sit down across a desk with him and would love the opportunity to talk to him about Amtrak’s future. If I did so, what would you suggest I say? What do you think he should know? What would...
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    AGR car rental question

    My husband is traveling on his own this summer and needs a rental car. He does not have an AGR account, but I do. If I make a reservation for him using my AGR number, can I get points?
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    Meal Observations

    Just got back from a trip in 29 with my son. We left WAS and were told that the kids meals were already sold out. I was told they only have 3 boxes of those. My picky eater was not pleased and a cafe hot dog was needed so he got fed. My box meal was fine. Not the greatest, not the worst. But...
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    Missed Connections due to late trains

    There is only so much you can control. Mitigate the risk you can’t eliminate.
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    I took Amtrak instead of flying and it made me want to die a little bit

    Oh my goodness! He can’t be alone with his thoughts. He’s never heard of reading to pass the time. He can’t check his ticket. He doesn’t want to talk to anyone to fix a mixup. And that is Amtrak’s problem? Sure. He’s got a smug problem.
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    The Future Is Cars, Because Trains Suck

    I just got back from vacation. I took the Cardinal to WAS, picked up a rental car and explored Fredericksburg and Williamsburg. On our way home (returning on the Capitol/ Hoosier State) GPS told me it would take 2:45 to get from Williamsburg to downtown DC. We left 3:45 before our appointment...