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    Taxis at Seattle King Street Station?

    Does anyone know about available taxi's waiting for passengers at Amtrak King Station? We will need a taxi and don't know if they will be there waiting or if we have to call a company. And if not there waiting, what companies go there to hotels downtown Seattle. We will have to much luggage for...
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    Connection between Coast Starlight and California Zephyr

    I have a question for you that have traveled more than I. The Coast Starlight is scheduled to get into Sacramento Ca from Portland Oregon at 6:15am. Then the California Zephyr is suppose to leave Sac at 4:38pm same day. Is that a comfortable connection layover for the Coast Starlight arrival...
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    Coffee, tea or cola in sleepers?

    And I am happy to announce that Amtrak is restoring traditional dining to it's long distance trains ( but not all trains ) starting June 23 this summer. Go to the Amtrak site and look up the new menu's they have under '' experience, and choose your train. I'm very excited that they have gotten...