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    George R.R. Martin buys abandoned Santa Fe tracks in New Mexico
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    Should America pursuit extra-wide trains (wider than 10 ft 6 inches)

    This is more of a general discussion than Amtrak-specific. The average width of an American passenger train is 10 ft 6 inches (3.20 m). There are some wider trains like the MPXpress (10 ft 7.5 inches or 3.238 m) that have been encountered on the NEC (high-level platforms). The AAR Plate E...
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    Electro-battery trains for the MTA (Long Island Railroad and Metro-North Railroad)

    For non-electrified operations, Metro-North Railroad and Long Island Railroad use electro-diesel locomotives hauling coaches. Instead of having a heavy locomotive hauling coaches, both railroads can invest in buying dual-mode EMUs (using a battery in place of diesel), which are lighter, quieter...
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    San Bernardino Line electrification

    Somewhat related to the LOSSAN Corridor rebuild idea that I posted, the San Bernardino line is the only other line that is most likely to be electrified (and pretty much the first to be electrified if Metrolink plans on electrification). In tandem with the Foothill Extension, Metrolink can start...
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    What if the Milwaukee Road didn't de-energize the Pacific Extension

    One of the biggest reasons the Milwaukee Road went under was the decision to de-energize the Pacific Extension and go to diesels during the 1970s. That decade was when the 1973 Oil Crisis happened, which caused freight railroads like the Southern Pacific, Burlington Northern, Santa Fe and Union...
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    Could Transmashholding expand to North America?

    With Bombardier to sell its rail equipment to Alstom, its factory in Plattsburgh, NY is very likely not going to be retained by Alstom as they already have a factory in Hornell, NY. This would lead to Alstom having to sell it to someone else. The other railcar manufacturers either have a...
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    What electric fleet will GO Transit use when they electrify?

    GO Transit has announced to electrify the Lakeshore West line between Union Station and Burlington, the Kitchener line between Union Station and Bramalea (including the Union Pearson Express), and the Lakeshore East, Barrie and Stoufville lines in their entirety. Given that they plan on buying...
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    Euro-Shinkansen idea

    In 2015, Hitachi acquired Ansaldo-Breda (and with it their designs). Among those designs is the Frecciarossa 1000, an Italian adaptation of Bombardier's Zefiro platform. Being that Hitachi also manufactures the Shinkansen trains, it could be possible for Hitachi to build a Shinkansen adapted for...
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    Interstate 405 rail line

    Interstate 405 in California is the busiest freeway in the US, and among the most congested. There have been talks of building a rail line, but it would only cover the northern half (north of I-10), and so far nothing has come to fruition. Meanwhile, more lanes continue to be built, which...
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    Metra Electrification

    Recently, Metra has contemplated electrifying the Rock Island District (as they own the tracks) as part of a set of improvements they announce for the system. I do think if they want to electrify the Rock Island District, they could also electrify other lines that see high frequency and...
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    Seattle Union Station Redux

    Historically, Seattle has two major train stations: King Street Station and Union Station. The former historically served the Great Northern and Northern Pacific (and later Burlington Northern) whilst the latter served the Union Pacific and Milwaukee Road. After 1971, Union Station was closed as...
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    LOSSAN Corridor Rebuild

    The LOSSAN corridor is one of the most travelled Amtrak routes outside of the Northeast Corridor. However, to get it to remotely the standards seen on the Northeast Corridor, a lot of improvements would have to be made. These improvements include dual-tracking (at minimum), grade separation to...
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    Tejon Pass Rail

    Since 1971, there has been no direct passenger rail link between Los Angeles and the Central Valley, barring the occasion when the Coast Starlight goes through the Tehachapi Pass whenever Union Pacific closes the Coast Line for maintenance. The only existing rail link is through the Tehachapi...
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    Electro-diesel multiple units for Amtrak

    One of the biggest obstacles that affects Amtrak services is having to change engines to venture non-electrified tracks from electrified tracks. This affects the Northeast Regional and the Keystone/Pennsylvanian. Sure there's the ALP-45DP from Bombardier but Amtrak ruled them to be too slow and...