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    Airports Consider Replacing TSA

    Here's my take: Let's see here, we get security firms who will bid for these contracts to try to make a profit. Let's say they can undercut the expense of the TSA folks by 10%. Mr. & Mrs. Air Traveller won't see a reduction in their $2.50 Security Fee, so any money saved will go to the Airport...
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    Pennsylvanian, Business Class and various questions

    Well ALC, these sightings have been pretty consistent over the last 3 weeks:
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    Pennsylvanian, Business Class and various questions

    When I last took the Pennsylvanian, I seem to recall Conductors asking where people were heading and directing them to an appropriate car for their destination. They tend to do this mostly to be able to spot the train at smaller stations and have the people in that car be right near the exit...
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    Pennsylvanian, Business Class and various questions

    Coach on Amtrak is pretty much a far better experience on Amtrak. I've ridden the Pennsy at least 6 times, once in BC. I've always viewed it as pleasant, scenic, and quite dependable. I hope you find it to be the same. As much as I cherish quiet, I also don't like wasting money. At present...
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    Roomette Inventory and Pricing

    Well, maybe... Someone booking prior to me switching to the FB on 27 would have seen 2 coach sets available for $256 without dinner or two adults in a Family Bedroom for $210 that includes dinner. A 2 Adult/2 Kid itinerary would have cost $384 sans dinner in coach or $268 in the FB including...
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    Roomette Inventory and Pricing

    I think I've read here and elsewhere that when a room is cancelled, it goes back into inventory at its original price. After doing a little reservation change today, I'm not so sure about that. A friend of mine and I are catching the Empire Builder next Sunday from Chicago to Minneapolis/St...
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    Pennsylvanian, Business Class and various questions

    I have to agree with Long Train Runnin' on this one, particularly if the BC Car has changed from the prior setup. The Long distance coaches he references with the 25xxx numbers are extremely comfortable and should give you all the leg room you'll ever need. Interestingly, the windows on these...
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    Little discovery I made today

    Wow, it amazes me how many people claim to "love" Amtrak and claim to support its struggle to survive in often uncertain poltical and financial climates, yet will let their mental gears dream up stunts like this to deprive Amtrak (particularly the LD division) of revenue for their own personal...
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    Storing a Bag for the day in BAL

    Things may very well cool down by the 19th. We are actually having an 80 degree rainy day here for the first time in seemingly forever. Last week, we had a couple of cool sunny days in the midst of the heat. Glad to know you have the options you need. Nothing worse than toting baggage around...
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    Bag Storage in WAS?

    Used the search function but couldn't find an answer. Here's the dilemma. I'd booked a trip to Boston for this Tuesday into Wednesday. Leave is at premium so I had to fly this time to and from BWI. Then I get a call back on a job application I submitted in Washington and I have an interview...
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    Amtrak's Top 9 Walking Tour Cities

    I'd think Denver would be a decent contender as well. LA Resident: Isn't Charleston quite a ways from the station?
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    Suggestions for October trip...

    I second Charlottesville. There are at least 3 hotels within an easy walk of the station, including a Hampton Inn within a block west, a Marriott maybe 2 blocks further, and I think a Super8 or Motel6 just a little but further west. Montecello, UVa, and the convenient Downtown "Mall" will all...
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    Favorite LD train

    Funny, I'll always do the same thing. I've found it like a double-edged sword though. Taking the LD train back gives you a reason to want to go back home at the end of a vacation, but having that train ride to look forward to sometimes makes you speed your vacation along as you look forward to...
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    Favorite Way To Travel Along The NEC

    My honest reply is "plain jane" Regional Coach, which has accounted for well over 95% of my NEC rides on Amtrak. Acela FC is nice but too pricey, while Acela "Business" is probably less worth the extra money than Acela FC. Regional BC is only worth it for across-corridor hauls to me, and even...
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    AMTRAK and ZIPCAR locations

    Baltimore will be going onto the high list in a week or so when two spots on St. Paul Street at Penn Station open for business with Zipcar as the program goes more city-wide. Other new nearby spots will be available with a short bus ride on the new free Charm City Circulator bus, as well as MTA.
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    Finally you can share points!

    To me it seems to make the most sense for folks travelling together in sleeping accomodations who don't have enough points individually to redeem an award. If I have 15K points, and a friend has 5K, and we really want to redeem a higher priced 2 zone roomette reward instead of paying $700 to...
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    CL- Are the scalpers at work?

    +1 to Cho Cho, Ryan, and GML. I do agree that no one person or entity should have more than one reservation in the system at the same time on the hopes of travelling, and also agree that there should be a deterrent to low bucket rooms getting snapped up by Travel Agents looking to resell them...
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    AMTRAK and ZIPCAR locations

    As long as there are some other markets that can also use Zipcar in an area near an Amtrak station, it seems like a perfect fit. I did a little research into the accessibility of Zipcars from Amtrak stations, and found that as of right now, there's still some pretty good coverage, with cars...
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    Nice MSNBC Article

    Don't know if this was posted before, but spotted it while looking up a few details of the UA/CO merger...
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    AGR Wait Time to Speak to Agent

    Must be tied up by all those folks trying to run their loophole itinerary through several agents in hopes that one lets it Slidell for just one or two zones. ;-)