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    Connection 8 to 30 or 48?

    My son and I are going to be coming back from Seattle to Elkhart in mid-October. Originally, we were going to overnight with family in Chicago so we didn't have to worry about missing a connection. Now, my family member is moving out of state and we won't have a couch to crash on so we are...
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    AGR Mastercard (Platinum) Bonus Points Question

    I am looking to apply for the AGR Platinum Card (the one without the annual fee). It offers 12,000 bonus points if you make $1,000 in purchases within the first 90 days. Do they ever run specials that increase the bonus points? If so, is there any cadence to when they do so? I know that the...
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    Buying Points with a Gift Card

    I am not a frequent traveller. I have been fortunate enough to take one LD trip annually for the last several years. This year, I am trying to find a way to take another LD trip in October. I only have 5400 miles saved up. I want to spend as little cash as possible, and I've been pricing out...
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    AGR car rental question

    My husband is traveling on his own this summer and needs a rental car. He does not have an AGR account, but I do. If I make a reservation for him using my AGR number, can I get points?
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    AGR numbers and kids

    I am an AGR member and will be taking my 6 year old son on Spring break in March on the Cardinal (on points) and the Capitol/Hoosier State home.  I used my AGR member number to earn the points on our CL/HS leg for both the accommodation and the rail fare.  I get points on the total I spent for...
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    Cardinal and CONO questions

    Hey all, We are two months away from my trip to take my five year old son on his first Amtrak ride. We will be taking the Cardinal from IND to CHI, then heading to Jackson on the CONO. We are coach both ways in the Cardinal and have a roomette in the CONO, both ways. A couple of questions...
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    59 on time performance and other CoNV questions

    I am planning a trip to Vicksburg for the Independence Day weekend. It just happens to be the weekend before I turn the big 4-0, and today, I thought that maybe I would celebrate my early birthday and some other good stuff that is happening at work, by taking Amtrak instead of driving the 10+...