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    Trip Report to Grand Junction

    So we're on our way to Grand Junction. We drove 4 hours to catch the Cardinal. Two coaches, one sleeper, one transdorm, one engine. The best Viewliner SCA we've had. Between the conductor and her, they loaded our bags on the train for us without our asking. Wonderful. She then offered to store...
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    Saving big money on upcoming Amtrak trip (but not on rail fare)

    Lately, it has been my habit to check reservation prices on my trips, not just on my Amtrak fares which I have been doing for years. For my upcoming trip to western Colorado this month, I have been checking prices at hotels and rental cars. I have saved close to $750 since originally booking...
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    Another Chicago baggage question

    We will be arriving one day on the Cardinal and staying overnight in Chicago before heading on to Colorado. To avoid lugging one big bag to/from the station, I'm hoping baggage service will accept checking one bag a day early and we'll carry the rest. Now, I know their rules say 24 hours ahead...
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    Only first passenger sees reservation?

    Facts: I made 4 reservations (overnight stops both directions) for a single trip and all at the same time with a single agent and using points for one segment. One segment has my wife first (and listed as primary) showing her to be disabled (non-disabled room) and me to be a senior and the...
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    Change in fare for disabled. Did I miss discussion?

    Back when we made a reservation for June, Amtrak was still giving 15% to disabled passengers and a companion. No longer. It is now 10%. Did I imagine that or has Amtrak decided to cut their discounts.
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    Another bug on Amtak site?

    I tried to make reservations for two people in two roomettes where it said "Only one room available at this price" and even though, in one instance, the room was cheaper than any other day, it would not allow me to add a second room. I can't see that if there were only one roomette left, that...
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    Approximate cost of a private car trip on Amtrak?

    I know I probably can't afford it but I have always dreamed, for our 50th Anniversary next year, of taking a private car trip to El Paso or Albuquerque from Atlanta. We could easily get down to ATL (in the car or on our own) where our son, D-I-L and 2 grandkids would get on) board then on to...
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    Parking in Hinton, WV?

    We've been to Hinton, WV a long time ago and are planning to take the Cardinal to Chicago then west in June. I remember there were not a lot of parking spaces and we can't afford to not get one. Does anyone know how crowded they get and, if full, where there might be other nearby free parking...
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    A week to pay? Something new?

    Just made a reservation last night for June for a trip to Grand Junction (we're going to Moab, Glenwood Springs and more without the Rocky Mountaineer). Anyway, I called Amtrak because we wanted two roomettes across from each other for the Cardinal and you can't get them online and changing...
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    Found this deal on!

    Amtrak deal but no email to me about it. Anyone get an email from Amtrak on this buy 1, get 1 free on Northeast Saturday travel?
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    Hopefully Amtrak will follow this idea

    American Airlines has just made changes to crack down on Emotional Support animals. But more important, per CNN, they have made the following change for Service Animals: "Starting February 1, American will require passengers traveling with service animals to electronically submit a DOT form in...
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    New sleeper cars 21st century features?

    Assuming Amtrak's new sleepers which apparently have not gone into service yet have the 21st century LED light features, does anyone know what else they have? USB ports? More outlets? Hotel-like key card door locks? Room monitor screens to show information? Built-in system to send/receive...
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    An old Amtrak reseller book and map?

    Somebody dropped these off at our model railroad club. They are from 1986. One is apparently a booklet describing (and showing sketches and pictures of) the Amtrak cars of the day. They have the name of the Amtrak ticket reseller and pre-websites, they showed people what the various coaches and...
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    Savannah vs Ft Laudrdale Baggage - Two different Amtraks?

    On our outbound trip from Savannah to Ft. Lauderdale, we checked one bag a day early and the second on the trip day. The first one went out on the Star (unbeknownst to us) and the second on our Meteor. Upon arrival in Ft Lauderdale, the first was missing. The Ft Lauderdale reps were unfriendly...
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    Refurbed Meteor coach car

    I was quite impressed with the look and comfort of our coach car on the Meteor last Saturday. Two refurbed cars with the rest being dumps. Nice new seat coverings and more. Of course, the old metal parts (like leg rests and foot rests are still there and as (non)-funcional as ever and unfixed...
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    Still 24 hour prior baggage check?

    Last time we traveled from Savannah, I had to argue with the agent because he didn't want to allow us to check our bag the evening before the train left until I told him the Amtrak web site said you could check it 24 hours prior. It did say it then. I can't find it now. Julie gives her usual...
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    Savannah's parking still free for multi-night trips?

    We've left our car in Savannah in the past to train to Ft. Lauderdale for a cruise. The savings in parking (along with avoiding the nightmare I-95) made it worthwhile for us. Still free at Savannah station?
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    I think the SCA was older than I was

    On the Southwest Chief our SCA offered no help loading or unloading bags to our H room, but I understand why. He looked older and more frail than we did and if he were a passenger, I would have offered to help him. He did somehow manage to do the beds but that's because he is taller than we are...
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    Why not remote agents for many unmanned stations?

    With modern telecommunications, one remote agent could cover multiple no-longer-manned stations via bidirectional video. You would press a button at the local station while standing in front of a camera. The video screen would show expected wait time and queue length. When the agent appears, you...
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    "Oregon boy was struck and killed by a freight train that barreled through..."

    "An afternoon meant to commemorate a life moment turned out to be the last moment in a teen's life, when the 17-year-old Oregon boy was struck and killed by a freight train that barreled through while he was near a train bridge to pose for senior photos, officials said." Fox news 11/4/19...