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    Brightline/Virgin Trains Orlando-Miami update Orlando Sentinel 11/21/19

    Orlando Sentinel article November 21, 2019. Discusses the construction that has begun at the Orlando end, and plans, which include connections to SunRail and Disney, but with no details as to how they intend to make those connections. Estimated fare ORL-MIA of $60-$100 one-way. They are...
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    Weird Silver Star #92 Consist June 7

    I was sitting at Kappy's Subs (a long time institution in the Orlando area) at about the A783.0 MM, about 4 Miles North of WPK, just South of the Maitland Sunrail Station, and 92 (NB) went by, at about 8:30 PM EDT. The Consist was an Engine, two Sleepers, and a Baggage Car. in that order. And...
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    Valentine's Day - 91-92 WPK-WTH-TPA-WPK

    Had tickets for Valentine's Day (my wife's birthday) WPK-WTH on 91 and returning on 92. 91 was running three hours late, so the WPK station agent called and asked if we'd rather take 97, which wasn't as late. Sure, why not. It would be the same route anyway that day, since 91 was bypassing...
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    New Year's Day - daytrip

    Wendy and I just decided spur of the moment this morning to use our Florida railpasses, and took Silver Meteor, (97-31, last 97 of 2008) WPK-WTH, only about 15-20 minutes late, and then Silver Star, (92-01, first 92 of 2009) WTH-WPK via Tampa. Very enjoyable, 92 was either right on time or...
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    car goes through or under gates, 92 hits it, So. Orlando

    links: (They give the correct train number but wrong name Meteor instead of Star);pageId=1.1.1 Witnesses are quoted as saying the car appeared to be...
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    WPK-TPA-WPK 8/29/08

    Wendy and I took 91 and 92 on August 29th from Winter Park to Tampa and back. 91 was an hour and a half late but still got us into Tampa in time to take the TECO trolley to Ybor City and eat lunch at the Columbia restaurant, which was excellent as usual. Only one engine on 91. 92 was a few...
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    "Give Amtrak a Fighting Chance" (free registration required) a few brief excerpts:
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    Amtrak - N.Y. Times article

    link: excerpt:
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    National Train Day, WPK - TPA - WPK on 91 & 92

    Had the largest crowd I've ever seen at WPK getting off the train and also the largest group getting on. There were 40 pax detraining at WPK from 91 and 40 pax just with TPA as a destination, plus a lot of others for other stations, (91 continues all the way down to MIA). Large crowd at ORL as...
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    Weekly Specials

    Weekly Specials has risen to a new low, No specials at all (Maybe they figure everybody within several hundred miles of Chicago has already taken all the trips they were going to take. And basically for months it rarely if ever listed anything except Chicago-based trains. BUT !! - Good news...
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    Copper and Aluminum thefts at Sanford Auto-Train Yard

    Just caught a story on the local (Orlando) TV here, somebody who was earlier caught stealing aluminum materials from Sanford Auto-Train was caught trying to steal 480V cables. A cable that costs Amtrak about $1,500 would get the thief about $10 at a recycling center. Hopefully, since the guy...
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    PO98-19 (Friday) dead engine Auburndale FL

    Just saw a story on the local news, then checked train status, looks like the Meteor must have been running with a single engine, which died, in Auburndale (north of Winter Haven, south of Kissimmee) today. Today was also HOT down here, low 90's with high humidity, so they had a lot of VERY...
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    Central Florida Commuter rail approved

    The various cities and counties have now approved a Central Florida Commuter Rail system that will eventually run from the Deland Amtrak station at the north end to Poinciana, which is a bit south of the Kissimmee Amtrak station, and the south end. It will probably take at least until 2010...
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    Proposed NYC Photography ordinance

    Just ran across this on SlashDot, a computer-related news blog - some text: This could potentially be a problem for railfan photogs, especially in any kind of group settings.
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    Travel Channel: "National Parks - Great Rain Rides"

    Currently watching a program on Travel Channel, wonderful! It had the American Orient Express visiting National Parks like Glacier and Yellowstone, also the Grand Canyon (steam) Railway, and others, lots of video. I imagine it will be repeated at other times - if you haven't seen it, watch...
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    I think I can: Toy train runs on brain waves

    The story is here: excerpts: Wonder if that will eventually be able to be used to stop a train if the engineer falls asleep or is obviously inattentive to the subject at hand? interesting stuff.
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    Interesting find on Google Earth - Boynton Beach

    Browsing around the South Florida trackage on Google Earth, I found what I think must have been one of the "Schoolboy Special" or Crossing Guard Special" Amtrak trains, sitting at Boynton Beach. Looks to be about 20 cars with two Amtrak engines, pointing North. Seven or eight school buses are...
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    Miami grade crossing accident (not Amtrak)

    ... Early morning (5:45 am) in Miami, passenger van was stopped at crossing gates waiting for tracks to clear, rental truck slammed into the back of it, compacting it between the truck and the train, train dragged it quite a ways, occupants hospitalized. Truck driver abandoned the truck and...
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    Tornado damage, Central Florida

    Early this morning, roughly 2 - 5 am there was severe weather including a lot of tornado damage North of Orlando in Lake, Sumter, and Volusia Counties. Multiple deaths (something like 15-20 so far, I think) and truly devastating damage. Lots of damage in the Deland area. Trains 91/92/97/98 and...