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    so Sleeper still gets nothing

    new points scheme out ... and Sleeper travel get nothing extra. Why . . .
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    stations DAG and MSQ

    ok... when dd AMTRAK add: DAG - Dallas Bus Station (Greyhound) MSQ - Mesquite Bus Station (Greyhound) Can not find them anywhere in a schedule or when trying to book a reservation. Exactly what is the need for the Dallas station .. not at the AMTRAK station, so how do you get from A to B. MSQ...
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    Free To A Good Home

    In cleaning out the office here, I found lots of old AMTRAK schedules of all shapes, sizes, dates, national, regional, etc etc. If you pay the postage, they are yours !!!!!!!! ( I am guessing about an 10 pounds from 76051 ... probably under $20.00 USPS )
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    Shreveport Thruway Bus Stop

    OK ... anyone know exactly where the stop is for the Thruway Bus in SHR. AMTRAK indicates it is "Exit 13 off IH 20, Shreveport Regional Airport" I drove though there last week and never saw a sign, nor has CJ Limo called me back.
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    Point Earning - Miles versus Dollars

    Has Guest Rewards ever tried a status via Miles travelled versus Dollars spent? People in the Northeast, California, and Chicago have ample opportunity - and do - spend lots of money with AMTRAK. But here in Texas, not so much. A MILES TRAVELLED versus DOLLARS SPENT would be a nice...
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    Point Earning Restriction - Same Train Same Day

    I took a roundtrip sleeper between FTW-AUS last month. I decided to change the departure to DAL (you get lunch between DAL-FTW, so why not). When I call AMTRAK, the change would have been too much, so I passed. Then, I bought a one-way DAL-FTW, hoping I could get my room in DAL (didn't work...
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    Laying Track

    Friend sent me this interesting video showing how to lay track, the automated way Click Here
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    AMTRAK Disco Train

    So I am listening to SIRIUS 70's and the American Top 40 replay from the week of 09-15-1979. Disco was big, and Casey is running down some events -- one being the AMTRAK Disco Train. This train went NY to Montreal on Friday, and returned Sunday. OK, fess up: Who Was Aboard.......
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    Guest Rewards Benefits

    Got my Guest Rewards Select package yesterday. And again, it contained coupons for "one-class upgrades" and "10% discount", in addition to "Club Acela single-day pass" Now, please explain to me how any of these three items have any benefit to me in Texas. (1) the upgrade is not applicable...
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    AMTRAK after-trip Survey and Sweepstakes Has Ended

    Just tried to complete my after-trip survey and found this Thank you for providing us with feedback about your Amtrak trips over the past few years. There was tremendous response to the survey which was and will continue to be very useful in helping us provide you with improved service.  ...
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    Viewliners. Why?

    Had my first chance to ride Viewliner yesterday. What is that toilet in the room nonsense.
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    New Control Panel In Sleepers

    I was onboard the Texas Eagle Wednesday, in sleeper #32011, and noticed AMTRAK has replaced the typical light/air/power panel with the old switches and bulb lamp with a modern LED lamp and metal-plate-touch-on/off type swithches. Fancy. Anyone else seen this? Now if the rest of the car could...
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    #821 stranded - No Power

    Just caught a news story on WFAA CH8 Dallas-Fort Worth. (online video not yet available) The southbound #821 Heartland Flyer was stranded in Sanger, TX (about 45 N of Fort Worth / 20 S Gainsville, TX). Engine apparently lost power. The video showed a large response from many different...
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    Menu Improvements

    Anyone noticed a much improved menu and better quality items? We were on the City of New Orleans last week, and my wife very much enjoyed the crab cakes. On the Texas Eagle, I had the ribs for dinner and the BBQ sandwich for lunch. Both were good. I am glad someone somewhere is getting the...
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    Tower 55 in Fort Worth

    The Fort Worth Star-Telegram did a video feature on Tower 55 in Fort Worth. Check it out here This location is just south of the AMTRAK station in Fort Worth, as seen in this Live Maps shot. Pan north to the station.
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    Lunch on Northbound #58 City of New Orleans

    The scheduled departure is 1:45pm. Is there a full lunch menu for Sleepers?
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    AMTRAK California / Capitol Corridor route

    Just had the opportunity to ride a Capitol Corridor train Berkley to San Jose. Might impressive. Roomy Coach. Very nice Cafe. The table lamps were a nice touch.
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    AMTRAK for Christmas

    Driving down HWY 26 today in Grapevine when I see the Grapevine Vintage Railroad approaching. Today, the train is lead by a diesel as "Puffy" is out of service. No matter, I pull over to watch and listen. The consist is usually several old 1800's style passenger cars and some open air cars...
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    AMTRAK vs Car - one fatality

    Rio Vista is about 35 miles south of Fort Worth. The train involved would have been the northbound #22 Texas Eagle. Article from Fort Worth Star-Telegram Monday 05-12-2008
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    Rewards for those out west

    So, for those NOT in the Northeast Corridor, what benefit can I find in the upgrade or 10% off coupon for Select. Does AMTRAK offer anything for us out here other than the 10% off rail fare (non-sleeper).