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    Back to the drawing board for LaGuardia AirTrain

    Article from NY Times, New York's new governor is putting the LGA AirTrain plans on hold and having a review done. Hopefully a better plan comes out of this because Cuomo's was terrible.
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    IL Zephyr Struck Person on Thursday 9/30

    A friend of mine was on the IL Zephyr from Chicago to Macomb on Thursday and she told me they struck and killed a trespasser on the tracks. She didn't know where they were except to say that, timewise at least, they were about halfway to Macomb. They were on site for a while and pulled slowly in...
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    Indianapolis Station and Crown Plaza Hotel

    I had a question about Indy Amtrak station that maybe someone here knows. My wife will be starting a new job for an Indy-based company but staying in Chicago and working remotely. She will on occasion have to go to Indy and if the days work out right she'll take the train. Now, being a woman...
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    Bar Compartment on Superliners?

    The thread about the possibility of bringing smoking back to Amtrak (bad idea and not legal to do in really any state or by Federal guidelines) got me to thinking about the old smoking compartments on the Superliners back in the late 90s/early 00s. I smoked back then (19 years as a non-smoker...
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    Heading To China This Summer

    Just scored a really nice price on plane tickets from Chicago to China in July for my wife, daughter and me. Will try to throw Mongolia in to the mix as well. I've been to Taiwan before but not China. Anyone here who has done the trains there any pointers would be awesome. I've looked through a...
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    Great European Composition Website

    I discovered this website recently (been around a while, don't know why I hadn't seen it before) and I really geek out on it. You can look up European train sets car compositions and see where on the train your seat reservation is located, or you can use it when choosing your seat on trains...
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    Afternoon wine tasting in CUS?

    So I'm taking the IL Zephyr from CUS to Macomb in a couple of weeks. Since the new Met Lounge opened I've only been in it for morning departures so this will be my first visit for a late afternoon/early evening departure. Are they serving any adult beverages at all in there during the 4-5:30...
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    Is The Eclipse A Missed Opportunity For Amtrak?

    I was looking at the eclipse path for later this year, and as many people know Carbondale, IL is listed as one of the best places to see it. Since I live in Chicago I looked up the schedule for the Saluki/Illini to see if I could get to Carbondale before the eclipse then come home later in the...
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    Article: Amtrak at a Junction

    From the NY Times today: Amtrak at a Junction: Invest in Improvements, or Risk Worsening Problems
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    Weekend Trips From Chicago?

    Since my family and I moved back to Chicago about seven years ago most of our vacation travel has been international or longer distance within the USA. I've always neglected getting to know destinations that are an easy weekend trip from Chicago every time I've lived here. So I'm looking for...
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    Carl Sandburg running Superliners? Business Class location?

    So I'm booking a trip down to Macomb, IL for two weeks from now and it looks like the Carl Sandburg is running with Superliners, since the coach seats have the buttons for choosing between upper or lower level. They are still offering business class. I know this line has occasionally run with...
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    Chances of switching to an earlier connecting train

    So in a couple of weeks I'm going to NYP via DC by way of the Cap Ltd and NEC. I'm scheduled for a two-hour layover in DC before catching train 148 at 3:05. Now IF the Cap Ltd is on time arriving at 1:05 (hasn't happened this week at all) what are the chances they would let me switch to train...
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    Anyone Seen "In Transit" the Documentary About Empire Builder?

    I've been wanting to see this documentary for a long time. Since it premiered at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival it has been doing the festival circuit but has yet to play in Chicago where I currently live (at least that I know of) and still no DVD release news. One of the co-directors is the...
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    Album Recorded While Riding Texas Eagle

    Being released this September is an album by Billy Bragg and Joe Henry called Shine A Light. Billy and Joe boarded the Texas Eagle in March this year with guitars and recording equipment and recorded classic railroad songs while in Amtrak station waiting rooms or platforms while riding from...
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    Adding Passenger to Roomette reservation

    I've scanned trough the forum to see about this question, and it has certainly come up a few times, but it looks like it was a few years ago and things change. So maybe someone can shed some light. I have a trip planned with a roomette that I bought with Guest Reward points. A friend is...
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    Myanmar (Burma) Trains

    Going to be going to Myanmar (Burma) this summer with the family (Me, wife, 7-year-old daughter). Anyone have any experience with the trains there? I know Burma's trains are notoriously unreliable but guidebooks, online forums, and seem to suggest that the overnight Yangon-Mandalay...
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    Upcoming Trip Stuff (CHI-WAS-NYP-WAS-CHI, lounges, etc.)

    So I'm finally using some Amtrak Guest Rewards points to take a free trip to New York to help a friend pack his apartment and load his truck for the West Coast (I'm a helluva friend! But seriously, a good excuse to make a LD train trip and have a mini vacation). I'm leaving CHI on June 2nd on...
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    Transportation in Pontiac, MI

    I'm going to have to go to Pontiac, MI on a regular basis for my job and I'm wondering about transportation in the area getting to/from the train station. I'm transit savvy and taking the bus is no problem for me, especially if I'm strategic about my hotel choices. But, there may be times I'm...
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    Wolverine Business Class - Worth It?

    Hi all, It looks like I'll be taking a job that will require me to travel to Detroit 1-2 times a month (I live in Chicago). I've taken the IL Zephyr/Carl Sandburg a lot over the years and always buy a business class seat these days, and those are always (or at least usually) only $17 extra each...
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    Lake Shore Ltd boarding in Chicago and diner

    Hi all, I've got cousins in town taking the LSL out tonight to Springfield, MA. It has been years since I've been on that train so it was before the 9:30 departure time and early boarding situation. So a few questions for them: 1 - Do they need to be there for the early boarding for sleeper...