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    Silver Star E-Ticket

    I recently booked my first trip on the Silver Star in 5 years, and noticed Amtrak still has the language from the Silver Starvation days at the bottom of the e-ticket. Of course now with Flex Dining there is no dining car available for coach passengers, but I booked a bedroom. I checked my...
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    Thoughts on the Adirondack (and more)

    I debated putting this in the Travelogues subforum, but with my final points it may be better off here. I just finished riding the Adirondack, and short of the scenery, it is probably not a trip I will take anytime soon under its current conditions. I happened to ride the day after New Years...
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    Amenity kit on LSL and CL?

    This was supposed to be an added bonus for sleeping car passengers, once the full service diner was replaced with boxed lunches. I have now taken the Capitol Limited twice and Lakeshore Limited once this year and have yet to see an amenity kits. They may have quietly disappeared?
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    Cardinal Losing Business Class?

    On the Amtrak Reddit page, a user shared that business class is unavailable to book on the Cardinal starting in October.
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    Potential Tropical Storm in Gulf of Mexico

    While not officially classified as a tropical cyclone, it looks like it could be a tremendous rainmaker for areas that do not really need it along the Mississippi River. This probably does not bode well for the CONO returning to New Orleans and may cause disruptions to the Sunset Limited and...
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    Empire Builder Bedrooms "sold out"

    Last week I tried to book a bedroom on train #7 to Seattle (leaving Chicago 08/07) and despite 1 bedroom being shown as available on the Amtrak website, I receive an error on the payment screen saying the accommodation is sold out. I phoned Amtrak and the agent told me the bedrooms are showing...
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    Board Member Nominee: Rick Dearborn He also worked for the anti-Amtrak Heritage Foundation.
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    Amtrak Status Maps Down?

    Anyone else having issues using the Amtrak Status Map? I have been having issues since yesterday morning.
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    4th Silver Meteor Sleeper?

    Is the Meteor getting a 4th sleeper? I’m booked in car 9813 this weekend. In past experience I’ve noticed the 3 sleepers are normally 9810-9812, so did the numbers change or did I get booked in an non existent sleeper?
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    Just got back home from my first cross country rail trip. This was my first time on a long distance train that wasn't a Silver Meteor or Star. I must say, I'm really impressed by the quality of service on the West Coast trains. Monday, October 26 I took Tri-Rail from the Lake Worth station to...
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    Arrow Irregularities

    Trying to look up ticket prices from S. Florida to the West Coast, but for some reason it's saying that the routing doesn't exist. Tried WPB to El Paso, Albuquerque, Denver, dice. But get this, I tried WPB to Seattle and got a routing via the Empire Builder or the Zephyr (which goes...
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    Sitting Alone in the Dining Car

    Some people here like the communal seating in Amtrak's dining car, while us introverts would rather be left alone. On today's 92, I was the only one with a 6:30 dinner reservation, so I had the whole car to myself! There were two coach passengers from the previous seating leaving when I entered...
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    Downeaster Joy Ride

    I'll be taking Amtrak to Boston in two weeks, and I figured I want to spend a day riding (more :giggle: ) trains. I first considered taking one of the commuter trains (probably the line to Rockport and back), but then remembered the Downeaster. I would take #683 arriving Portland at 2:05 pm...
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    Crazy Idea?

    So I have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off this coming week. No school or work. I've been thinking about taking a train ride, but Tri-Rail is just a tease, and I've been everywhere on Amtrak in Florida. The furthest I've been on Amtrak is from West Palm to Savannah. I've been thinking about...
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    Railroad Alaska

    Saw this series on a channel called Destination America last night. Fun to watch if you're a railfan. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like they are streaming full episodes online, but there are some short clips. It does make you appreciate all the work required to make a railroad run smoothly...
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    More tests needed before Maglev rail hits the tracks

    More tests needed before Maglev rail hits the tracks
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    Some eVoucher Questions

    Tried searching, but didn't really find any threads that answered my questions. I was able to change the day I leave for a trip next month, and doing so saved me $60 because the roomette is in a lower fare bucket. I chose to receive a voucher, so I wouldn't lose the $6 to the 10% refund fee and...
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    92 (05/24/11) Service Disruption

    Was riding Tri-Rail south today but didn't get further then Deerfield Beach because a northbound train struck a person/car. Since no trains will be running through Pompano Beach for a while, I ended up taking the same train back north to West Palm Beach (kind of funny since we took the number of...