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    Empire Builder Derailment 3/7/2020

    All I have is Metra is tweeting about delays to Milwaukee District trains due to a derailment on Amtrak #1007 (which is apparently a special number for today's Empire Builder, I assume due to tonight's time change). It impacted the 2:30 Metra departure on the West line so presumably right after...
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    Converting AGR World Mastercard to AGR Platinum Mastercard

    With the end of the first year of AGR2 and the Amtrak - Bank of America relationship approaching, I wanted to change the AGR World Mastercard (with annual fee but first year waived) to the no-annual fee AGR Platinum Mastercard. I expected a phone call was all it would take but I was wrong. The...
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    CZ to CS connection

    In a few weeks, I will be booking AGR sleeper travel involving the connection from the CZ to CS at Sacramento. From what I've read, despite the 10 hour connection, the ticketed connection point has to be Sacramento. With relatives in the Bay Area, train performance permitting, we'd really like...