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    Montana southern tier service?

    v3 FINAL North Coast Hiawatha Restoration: A Solid Return For Taxpayers And Business ( makes sense to put the service where the people are in Montana, but can the state support two LD trains? And does it make sense to duplicate the Builder for most of the route outside MT?
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    Short staffing leading to cuts? (RPA Article)

    Rail Passengers Association | Washington, DC - We Aren’t Out of the Woods Yet
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    Midwest Rail Plan final Report

    Midwest Regional Rail Plan Final Report | FRA ( I haven't read in detail yet, but I noticed on the map on p.8 they show E-W thru Iowa rerouted thru Des Moines (as it should be) and closing the Louisville to Nashville gap so trips thru Nashville and on to Atlanta and Fla would be possible...
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    Good news for Amtrak LD trains?

    Analysis: Amtrak fiscal 2021 results favor longer routes - Trains according to this Long Distance Amtrak trains are at least doing less badly than the rest of the system over the last year or so.
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    Wildfires near the Empire Builder?

    I was looking at wildfire maps to plan a trip from OR to SK and I saw that there are fires NE of Sand Point that must be fairly near the Empire Builder/BNSF tracks. Specifically the South Yak and Ruby fires. Am I reading that right? InciWeb the Incident Information System (
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    Rising like, uh, Phoenix?

    I got this in an email from Amtrak, but don't see it on their site, or here. No time frame given. Phoenix – America’s fifth largest city – is the largest city without any Amtrak service. It’s time to change that. Amtrak is proposing 3 daily roundtrips to Tucson, with one of the trains...
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    Bringing back Penn Station?

    I just saw a couple of articles online about this, is this real or someone's idea of a joke? Surely the cost cost moving/demolishing Madison Square Garden and then rebuilding anything vaguely resembling the old station would be prohibitive.