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  1. ssbun

    You eat in your room? Why?

    My opinion is only about the Auto Train, and have been traveling the AT for years. We choose not to eat in the dining room due to the simple fact Hubby is a big guy and does not fit comfortably in the booths in the dining room.
  2. ssbun

    Auto Train with Small Children 7/28/2021

    Hubby and I take the Auto Train twice a year and always get the flat iron steak. 2 years ago, my steak was inedible while hubby's was fine. It was beyond tough. I learned if the connective tissue is not removed before it's cooked, you can't even cut it. I should have complained but didn't. Since...
  3. ssbun

    Amtrak Dining

    Hubby and I enjoy the flat iron steak. We both order it every time we use the Auto Train. However, our trip north last October my steak was horrible. Could not cut it at all. I even picked it up with my fingers to try and bite into it. Even that wasn't going to happen. I assume the fascia...
  4. ssbun

    Cafe Car Food

    We take the Auto Train 53 and 52. Keep in mind both trains depart at 4:00 PM. If you get food from the food truck it will be hot. Unless you eat before you board, you end up eating cold food with no way to reheat. Not a happy camper.
  5. ssbun

    Auto Train questions from newbie

    Hubby and I are seasoned Auto Train travelers. Hubby is a big/tall dude so getting a sleeper is not an option for us. We travel coach and have found we like the lower level better. There are only 12 seats and way less foot traffic because you cannot go from one car to another. The lower level...
  6. ssbun

    Last Day of Auto Train Coach Dinner Service today (1/14/20)

    The cafe menu for coach is on the website. A Hebrew National all beef hot dog, a bag of chips and a can of soda will cost you $10.00...and that's some of the lesser expensive items listed. Everything is a la carte. So Amtrak says they have lowered the price for coach, but you will more than...