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    Amtrak Vacations Problems

    Thank you for this info. I will file there! . . Between Denver and Grand Junction, CO I paid for a bedroom. I only found out that they were putting us on a bus due to track problems (after leaving Chicago) for which they never gave me an explanation. I asked for the difference between the coach...
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    When traveling in a bedroom, do you have your SCA fold up the bed each morning?

    Dakota 400 above said it right! Plus, they expect a tip, and that's part of the job. I never asked them, they just always did it when we went to breakfast.
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    Amtrak Vacations Problems

    We traveled from Chicago to SF, to LA to Albuquerque by train in August. I sent a letter to Amtrak Inspector General and Amtrak Vacations about why I should be reimbursed for paying for a service I did not get. A woman tried to call me about it last week, but we did not connect. I called the...
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    California Zephyr busing

    Have they opened the train route between Denver and Grand Junction?
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    Amtrak Vacations trip

    I booked an Amtrak vacation running 27 days starting in Chicago on the 10th of Aug 2021. We went from Chicago to Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Yosemite NP, LA, Grand Canyon, and Albuquerque with several days lodging at each city. I booked it through Amtrak Vacations, a separate Amtrak company...
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    Amtrak Vacations

    zephyr17. Are you trying to make me depressed? Actually, we're not leaving for a week so I hope it will be open by then. Wait a minute. They cancelled the Starlight from Sacramento to LA? Or between Sacramento to SF?
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    Amtrak Vacations

    Thank you all. I'm sorry I'm getting back so late. Actually, I think everything has worked itself out. My train ride is from Chicago to SLC to SF to LA and finally to Albuquerque. We are really looking forward to it, but it's taking a lot of scheduling on our part because we are visiting each...
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    Amtrak Vacations

    What's the difference between Amtrak and Amtrak Vacations? On the phone a rep seemed to say that they are different companies? I booked a trip through Amtrak Vacations starting from Chicago that goes through SF and LA on the the Coastal Starlight. I've heard that the leg from Denver to Grand...