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    Upgrade/Companion/Lounge Coupons: seeking, available, questions

    Does anyone have upgrade coupons that expire soon? I have an Acela trip next week and it's nice to be able to upgrade. BTW, if I bought the ticket with two persons on the same ticket, can I use one coupon to just upgrade one person? Or I have to have two coupons to upgrade for both.
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    Could we ask compensation for lack of SSL?

    I know that currently, CL and TE do not have SSL. But on the Amtrak website, they both lists SSL in the "Amenities" section. Can we ask compensation for the lack of SSL since it definitely affects my experience?
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    Am I the only person who likes to travel long distances in coach?

    Before the pandemic, I am totally cool with the long-distance coaches. But I hate wearing a mask for such a long time so I would not bother any long-distance coach...
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    What's the deal with the Texas Eagle?

    The only problem is that Texas Eagle do not have SSL and Traditional Dinning from CHI to SAS.
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    Booked Coach ticket on Wolverine... Should I bid for upgrade?

    Personally, I will bid it, but only for the minimum. From Chicago to Ann Arbor, usually the minimum is 15 dollars. I think it worth the price to be able to sit alone and have the access to the lounge in Chicago.
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    Lounge Access Questions

    It is said that "Amtrak passengers with a same-day travel ticket (departure or arrival) in First Class or sleeping car accommodations" can access the lounge. But if I have a same-day sleeper ticket from Bloomington to Los Angeles on Texas Eagle, can I access the lounge in Chicago (I bought Texas...