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    $66 billion for Amtrak

    Yes, there were some major changes in federal tax law in the 1970s and 1980s. The 1950s tax law was set up to heavily reward R&D and maintenance; the Reagan-era tax law was set up to discourage both.
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    Amazing how many rail professionals are on this forum

    I do have a taste for different passenger cars -- the interiors. (I am particularly fond of clerestory cars from the 1920s and before; the natural lighting design from before cheap artificial lighting is both interesting and gorgeous.) And for train stations. And for travel. And I find...
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    Sumitomo/Siemens Contract for 137 Cars (former bi-levels)

    I am certain efforts are underway. I would expect this involves Siemens finding a new supplier, getting samples from the new supplier, testing the new samples, checking up on the reputation of the new supplier, signing a contract with the new supplier, testing everything they get from the new...
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    Fun with revenue optimization

    Yeah -- requires buying more rolling stock to increase capacity, staffing up maintenance, and then actually USING the rolling stock rather than lazily sticking with fixed consists.
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    Amazing how many rail professionals are on this forum

    "Railfan" is the generic, and non-derogatory, term. There are terms for fans of specific sub-areas.
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    Special announcement from Amtrak this weekend?

    How about a big announcement that they'll be publishing timetables like every other railroad in the world. No? Not expecting that either.
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    The Impact of Rising Gas Prices on AMTRAK Fares

    Never. The cost of diesel is such a small part of Amtrak costs that it isn't affected by anything other than HUGE changes in oil prices. If oil prices doubled, or were cut in half, it might have an effect. But that's not happening right now. Higher gas costs could lead more people to try...
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    $66 billion for Amtrak

    Yeah, it's not a big deal. They might also retain the utility rights, that's been done too I think this "empire building" attitude -- hostility to open access -- is the main obstacle. I don't think the Class I freight railroads actually get any benefit from their current restricted access *at...
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    Timetables returning in September?

    Again, keep complaining, preferably to the Board and CEO of Amtrak, whose paper-mail addresses are on the website. We have people inside Amtrak who agree with us; it's a matter of getting enough advocates yelling at top management to get the problem fixed.
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    US Class I's are at their Day of Reckoning

    Now is the time to push nationalization of the tracks
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    Sunset Limited and Phoenix

    I can say that RPA is doing an astounding amount of stuff with a *very* limited amount of staff, frankly less staff than is really desirable. Jim Mathews is busy responding to emails from *Congress* and the *state governments* all day long -- which is very good, it means we have a lot more...
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    Special announcement from Amtrak this weekend?

    I want it to be published ingredients lists, but it won't be
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    $66 billion for Amtrak

    Yeah, Moorman backed it when he was at NS but none of the other "Freight rail" execs have
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    Amtrak overcoming the Pandemic; back to tri-weekly service?

    Well, if anyone is inside Amtrak and knows holdouts, do tell 'em to get vaccinated. Some people have now caught Covid 3 times; infection-induced immunity is not good. Covid has been leaving lasting, permanent damage throughout the body and brain in a lot of people. It's just not worth risking...
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    New Rehabilitated Superliners unveiled

    Nobody knows for sure. But there's a lot of difficulty procuring bilevel cars which pass the structural requirements at this point (after the Sumitomo / Nippon-Sharyo failure) and a lot of design issues with them (it looks like new ones will require lifts like Alaska Railroad has, and straight...
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    New Rehabilitated Superliners unveiled

    Given that Amtrak is still randomly assigning Superliner I sleepers and Superliner II sleepers out of the same pool, and they don't use a separate pool for the renovated Superliner I sleepers (with the annoying touch controls) and the unrenovated Superliner Is (with normal controls) I'm quite...
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    First time LD rider-Mom and child-questions!

    I'm going to clarify this below: you're ticketed on the Lincoln Service from St. Louis to Chicago. I think your kid will love it! There's a pair of outlets right next to each other, usually in a slightly recessed outlet. It's good to bring something you can plug into the recessed outlet which...
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    Short Consists of Long Distance Trains

    I still consider Gardner a problem. He has a record of proposing really stupid ideas designed to sabotage national rail service, over and over again. I am open to the idea that he's "changed his stripes", but....
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    Negotiating NYP

    Penn's a labyrinth, but Jason Gibbs's maps are accurate.
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    Sunset Limited and Phoenix

    It did grow -- it was a lot smaller in the 1970s. The city was 127K in 1970, 199K now. The metro area is 266K now (I can't find the 1970 metro-area population). Lubbock County is still somewhat larger at 311K.