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  1. Swadian Hardcore

    41 Feared Dead after Russian Plane Crash

    Footage shows Sukhoi Superjet RA-89098 landing at Moscow, bouncing on runway, and catching on fire: Interior footage shows fire: News reports up to 41 dead...
  2. Swadian Hardcore

    Best route Minneapolis to Reno in winter

    Me and a friend need to drive a bus from Minnesota and were wondering what might be a nice route to take home to Reno. Want a safe winter route, but wouldn't mind some scenery. Don't like staying on Interstate all the time. Got any ideas?
  3. Swadian Hardcore

    Reno-Las Vegas-Phoenix

    Anyone going between Reno, Las Vegas, and Phoenix?
  4. Swadian Hardcore

    Anyone still remember me?

    It feels like eons ago when I was last active on here. Well, being so behind the times, I'm finally trying out Instagram, but dang, that follow/unfollow cycle is brutal! It's hard for me to keep up being as busy as I am! "You can please some of the people...
  5. Swadian Hardcore

    NYC Subway R32s

    Which runs of the A/C and J/Z get the R32? Coming from JFK Airport.
  6. Swadian Hardcore

    Amtrak Reno contact?

    At what phone number or e-mail address may I contact the Amtrak Reno station?
  7. Swadian Hardcore

    Chicago Area

    1. Do you think Metra Electric will ever extend to Kankakee? 2. Do you think Metra Southeast Service to Crete will ever operate? 3. Do you think South Shore Line will ever extend to Lowell (or just to Dyer)? By "ever", I mean whether any of these will ever operate (maybe in 15, 20, 30 years)...
  8. Swadian Hardcore

    Route Map software

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a free transportation route map software. I'd like to create route maps that are realistic, detailed, and easy-to-use. Do you guys have any recommendations? Thanks.
  9. Swadian Hardcore

    Chinese Railcars

    Here's a page (in Japanese) that I found with information on various Chinese railcar models:
  10. Swadian Hardcore

    Skeena vs More Time in Jasper

    I'm arriving Jasper in the morning on the 15th. I don't have much time or money, and I originally found Jasper hotels to be too expensive. But now that I've found some alternate accommodations and VIA Rail has hiked fares by CAD $20, should I spend 7 hours in Jasper and leave on the Skeena to...
  11. Swadian Hardcore

    Various Greyhound Vehicles For Sale

    Greyhound's selling vehicles again. 1998 MCI 102D3 • #1051, 1M8SDMRA5WP050703, Unknown miles, Detroit-Allison • #1064, 1M8SDMRA3WP050716, 1,499,846 miles, Detroit-Allison 1998 MCI 102DL3 • #6709, 1M8PDMRA8WP050538, 0,438,065 miles, Detroit-Allison 1999 MCI 102DL3 • #6157, 1M8PDMRA3XP051713...
  12. Swadian Hardcore

    Walk-Up VIA Rail Tickets

    Hi guys, Is it possible to get cheaper tickets than online by buying walk-up VIA Rail Coach tickets on the day of departure? I'm planning to ride Jasper to Prince George. Thanks.
  13. Swadian Hardcore

    YO! Bus Ceases to Exist - December 20th, 2015

    YO! Bus has ceased operations. All equipment has been absorbed back into their parent companies' fleets.
  14. Swadian Hardcore

    This Plane May Just Cure Your Aversion to Flying

    Kudos to the Japanese: Check out each class. Reviews have been almost universally excellent.
  15. Swadian Hardcore

    Cities Without Greyhound Service

    This is a Public Service Announcement. For your information, Greyhound Lines Inc does not operate scheduled service to the following cities (among others): Lancaster, CA Mojave, CA Palm Springs, CA Butte, MT Helena, MT Great Falls, MT Bozeman, MT Billings, MT Livingston, MT Casper, WY...
  16. Swadian Hardcore

    Kogalymavia Flight 9268 Crashes in Egypt, All 224 Dead

    A Kogalymavia Airbus A321 has crashed in the Sinai Penisula in Egypt; no survivors among the 224 on board:
  17. Swadian Hardcore

    Your Favorite Non-Western Locomotive

    What's your favorite non-Western locomotive? Non-Western as in that it operates outside North America and Europe. Your favorite of all time and your favorite that is currently in service? I'd say my favorite is the 3TE10M for in-service and the EAR 59 Class or maybe SAR GMA for all-time. Oh...
  18. Swadian Hardcore

    How do I know that I booked a ticket?

    Apparently I booked an Amtrak ticket, but I didn't receive any confirmation e-mail, not did I receive a Reservation Number. What's going on?
  19. Swadian Hardcore

    Redwoods National Park

    Since Monterey's hotels sold out, I thought maybe I could hop to the Redwoods instead. But if I stay in Eureka, what should I do to visit the actual Redwoods NP?
  20. Swadian Hardcore


    Hey guys, I might get to do a quick trip to Monterrey/Big Sur. Never been there before. Should I go?