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  1. Maglev

    Long Distance Train Coach & Sleeper Fares (Buckets)

    Thank you so much for producing these charts! They are very helpful in saving money when booking train reservations.
  2. Maglev

    Low Bucket Alert post needed?

    I know because of your charts!
  3. Maglev

    Low Bucket Alert post needed?

    There used to be a website known as "Amsnag" where you could find fares between any two points in the full variety of accommodations over a 30-day period. It is my understanding that updates to Amtrak's website rendered Amsnag's software unusable. I recently found a low-bucket Bedroom on the...
  4. Maglev

    Favorite Sleeper car room?

    I haven't been in a Viewliner Bedroom, but like Roomettes 1 or 2 in a Viewliner because there is an extra separation between them and the adjoining Roomettes (there's a mechanical or HVAC compartment). On Superliners, a Bedroom Suite--with D & E being the first choice--is the finest way to...
  5. Maglev

    H Rooms

    I saw it online. Here's one. There are some bugs in the documentation. Also, the photograph shows a Family Bedroom, not an H room.
  6. Maglev

    H Rooms

    I was watching the fares for a recent trip, and two weeks out the H room was available for $1350, Roomettes were $602 and Bedrooms were about $1,900. I just now tried to get a few more reference points, but rooms are booked pretty tightly for the next two weeks due to Thanksgiving.
  7. Maglev

    Favorite Superliner bedroom?

    I like A if I'm traveling by myself and E if I'm with my wife. My last trip was with my sister in room B on the trip out and the Family Bedroom coming back. It was nice having windows on both sides, and there is more room to maneuver when the lower berth is down. I had a difficult time...
  8. Maglev

    Empire Builder with my Sister

    One of the reasons we didn't walk to another restaurant is that I didn't want to pay $50 to store our five pieces of luggage. If I had known it was going to be free, we might have decided differently. I had three meals on this trip at 13 Coins outside King Street Station. My night at the...
  9. Maglev

    Seattle Connection

    Sometimes the Empire Builder arrives early in Seattle, and Portland passengers can get on the Coast Starlight.
  10. Maglev

    Ferries, Ferries, and still more Ferries

    Here is a view of the MV Tillikum sailing to Anacortes, with Orcas Island in the background. I am aboard the MV Samish, docked at Lopez. There is an alert for the return sailing of the Tillikum that I can't quite decipher, but I don't live in Friday Harbor so it doesn't apply to me. This is...
  11. Maglev

    Empire Builder with my Sister

    We were very pleased with the food in the dining car. But we had a major disappointment when the cafe at St. Paul Union Depot closed at 4 pm instead of its usual 8 pm on the day we arrived at the station at 5 pm for a 10:20 pm train. We were early because I wanted to avoid city driving at rush...
  12. Maglev

    Must Sleeper types for EM/CZ ?

    I upgrade to a Family Bedroom or, better yet, a Bedroom whenever possible. I like the extra storage space and wider lower berth. The window situation for a Family Bedroom is kind of a wash for me--the view is restricted by the small windows, but it's nice to be able to see out either side from...
  13. Maglev

    Empire Builder with my Sister

    Before the trip, one of the little worries that kept going over and over in my mind was that the agent in Portland who issued my sister's tickets didn't do it correctly. Well, sure enough, the day before I left my sister called and said, "Help! My ticket is wrong!" The agent had her leaving...
  14. Maglev

    Empire Builder with my Sister

    Our attendant herself took Room C!
  15. Maglev

    Empire Builder with my Sister

    When I first got the idea of this early November trip in June, Roomettes for one person from Seattle to St. Paul and back were $437 each way. Bedrooms were over $1,500. When I bought my tickets at the end of July, Roomettes had gone up to $602, Bedrooms were nearly $1,900, but the Family...
  16. Maglev

    Superliner sleeper orientation

    I watch what's posted on the Facebook Empire Builder site to determine the orientation of the sleepers. The Portland sleeper usually has Bedrooms on the back, but Roomettes are on the back often enough that it's still a crapshoot. I believe sleepers should be oriented with Bedrooms towards the...
  17. Maglev

    Advise a circle trip for me!

    Here's two winter views from the Empire Builder, in January, 2017, with snow and January, 2019, without:
  18. Maglev

    Catching the train in Seattle

    I'm sitting now at the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle, watching the ferries and all the other sea traffic. It was this view 17 years ago that convinced us to move here from Maui. We felt that the pace of life with a ferry commute would be conducive to a harmonious city. Only on a ferry is there...
  19. Maglev

    My 2021 Gathering Food Thread

    Rum and tonics are GREAT! That was my drink of choice in college. Thanks for the fun reading.
  20. Maglev

    Catching the train in Seattle

    Here's a couple photos of ferries from hotel rooms in Seattle, the top one from the Edgewater and the bottom from the Embassy Suites at King Street Station: .