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    Rude Employees

    We can't help you--only Amtrak customer relations can. We aren't affiliated with or part of Amtrak. We are just folks who use and value trains, and thus not anyone who has the ability to rectify a bad customer service situation. I urge you to contact customer relations and make your bad...
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    6.9 Million Dollar Verdict Against Amtrak

    This is a classic defense strategy in personal injury cases--but it often backfires. The plaintiff's lawyer will argue to the jury, "They snuck around and secretly filmed her for days on end, and now all that they showed you is a few spliced minutes that they cherry-picked to try to convince you...
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    Dining On the Empire Builder

    Reminds me of the TSA's claim that if they were consistent in their policies, the bad guys would be able to take advantage of them!
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    Amtrak coupons a real scam?

    Actually, even with those supposed good paying jobs that seniors are allegedly doing, half of all seniors make less than $28,000 a year from all sources, including jobs, retirement plans and Social Security. Income of Today’s Older Adults | Pension Rights Center Analysis by the Economic...
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    Amtrak overcoming the Pandemic; back to tri-weekly service?

    Indeed. In every case that I am aware of, the number of employees that, when asked, said they wouldn't get vaccinated has exceeded the number that, in the end, did get vaccinated. At my place of employment, about 10% of our workforce said that they wouldn't get vaccinated if it were required. In...
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    A Millenial's List of Improvements/Ideas

    Even easier to implement immediately would be having such content downloadable from the Amtrak website to one's mobile devices. No onboard servers needed. Audio only content would take up negligible space on one's devices, and full movie content could be made available for those with more space...
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    Amtrak overcoming the Pandemic; back to tri-weekly service?

    That is why my university requires students, staff and faculty to submit medical documentation of their vaccination status. And that requirement is probably why our positive test rate is so low. 10% of students, faculty and staff every week are selected for random COVID testing. So far the...
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    A Millenial's List of Improvements/Ideas

    Well, given the quality of the coffee, if Amtrak provided hot chocolate it would likely be an off-brand Swiss Miss at best. The easiest way to make good hot cocoa, in my opinion, is to mix good quality Dutch cocoa in a mug with some sugar, a drop or two of vanilla, and some heavy cream. Add...
  9. F and stories about Amtrak trips

    When did the Insider become "All Amtrak trip reports all the time"? I realize that the cost of such stories is minimal, so it is cheaper than buying real reporitng, but is there really a rapt reading public out there for these stories?
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    Los Angeles layover

    The Metroplaza is a very short walk from the station, inexpensive by LA standards, and is clean and safe, though rather utilitarian. It's recommended a lot here, and it's my stay of choice when connecting in LA>
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    Don't look down... :-)

    An amazing bit of railway engineering. But a death-wish hike, if you ask me.
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    WSDOT reports on Point Defiance Bypass resumption and new trainsets for Cascades service

    According to the Seattle Times, the new route takes effect on November 18. Amtrak service along Point Defiance Bypass to resume 4 years after deadly derailment By the way, the new route was not intended to make meaningful schedule improvements over the Point Defiance route but rather to avoid...
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    Operation Romper Room (Disneyland, 2006)

    A terrific read--thanks for sharing it with us. A family outing like that will never be forgotten. And it shows in spades the value of planning ahead--sometimes I think half of the fun is the anticipation and planning.
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    #48(30) joins the whack-a-vehicle party :(

    As Palmland suggested, there may well be ways to make level grade crossings difficult if not impossible to 'run' to try to beat a train. The idea of cloverleafs in highway construction was designed to deal with drivers who would drive dangerously in highway exchanges despite signs warning them...
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    2nd bucket list trip

    Thanks, niemi24s! It's so helpful to have actual photos showing how these room choices compare!
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    Plus sized first time overnight train ride

    Here's what I have done, both to McGyver a lumbar support and emergency pillow--carefully roll your clothes into a log about 10 inches across. Roll reasonably tightly. Then insert into a gallon sized zip top bag and push to the bottom. Begin to roll that bag up, pause to push out the air, and...
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    First time Rider!

    Quite right. It connects to the BART, as I should have mentioned. But it is the easiest way to get out of Emeryville if you want to do some exploring.
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    First time Rider!

    The hotel across from the train station--linked by an elevator--is completely safe. It's a Hyatt of some flavor, and I've stayed there just fine. But there are a couple of other hotels a brief stroll away that are equally so--including the Hilton Garden Inn that PennyK referenced. As long as...
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    First time Rider!

    Let me chime in, as a woman who has traveled solo on Amtrak on a number of occasions over the years, it is as safe an environment as there is. In your roomette, there is a latch on the door that you can use to lock your room. I never bother until I am ready to turn in and get some sleep, but...
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    Plus sized first time overnight train ride

    One thing that may surprise you--while coach seating is much roomier than, say, airline seats, there are no physical dividers between the two adjacent seats. This may not bother you, but it does bother some folks. Just FYI...