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    Metropolitan Lounge in Moynihan Station

    In case anyone is interested, these are the offerings in the first class lounge
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    Bedroom A Bedroom B (price on Meteor)?

    Just got off the phone making my Meteor trip south. Something I didn’t know. Bedroom B costs more than Bedroom A.
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    Moynihan Station

    I don’t know if this has been asked and answered before, but we’ll be coming out of the Moynihan station looking to go uptown. Do we have to cross the street to get a taxi in front of the old Penn Station, or can I stay on the Moynihan side and grab a cab? We’re going to Port Authority...
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    Silver Meteor almost 5 hrs late?

    Train 97 left Penn Station just a little late yesterday. Estimated arrival time in Hollywood is now 10:47. Everytime I check, its another hour late. Anyone knows what's going on? At this point, what are the chances if making up even a little time?
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    Train 69 to Montreal

    My son and his girlfriend are currently on their way to Montreal. First 2 cars go all the way to Montreal. First car has AC, second car has no AC. Guess which car they're in. Yep, car 2 without AC. Car with AC is full. I told them to go sit in the snack car, but I can't imagine they would allow...
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    Penalty for a reservation change

    We're due to be on Train 98 on Thursday, the 17th. We booked a bedroom paid with the Amtrak BOA world card. I find that we have to postpone this trip for about 2 weeks. What kind of penalty can I expect, or is there a way I can word my request to modify my ticket to incur a lesser penalty, or...
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    WiFi (on Silver Meteor)?

    Can someone please remind me, do you have to sign in with a password? Is it secure? We'll be on the Silver Meteor. Thanks in advance of your responses.
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    Richmond, Va

    I know this belongs in "What to do, what to see"...but there is no listing for Richmond. It looks like I will have a 4 hour layover in Richmond while waiting for Train 91. What is at the station? Is there a first class lounge to sit at? What is there to do or see around the station? I'm a...
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    Discount codes for cruise passengers

    I know that this has been discussed before, but, I would like to know what the discount code is for cruise ship passengers. I have one code, V163, but I'm told it is for NCL cruises only. The discount is for 20% off the rail fare and 15% off the accommodations fee. Travel must take place...
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    Viewliner Bedroom

    Can someone please refresh my memory. :blink: Is bedroom B the center bedroom on the viewliner? Thanks in advance.