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    VIA Evacuation Train

    So interesting! Thanks for sharing. However I found something odd here. This article states that VIA Rail cancelled the #2 Canadian on November 15. However, the trackers were showing #2 moving on time. I do wish VIA had an alert system like the Amtrak twitter accounts...
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    B.C. Rail Traffic comes to a halt It appears VIA Rail was somehow able to get the #2 Canadian through (and on time!)...
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    B.C. Rail Traffic comes to a halt VIA Rail still shows #2 on time for departure out of Vancouver. However it won't get far.
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    B.C. Rail Traffic comes to a halt

    If you haven't heard, British Columbia is having some major flooding and mudslides as we speak. According to this tweet, all rail traffic in B.C. has come to a stop. I'm wondering if VIA rail will cancel the EB Canadian. And the #5 Skeena is still showing as running.
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    Empire Builder accident (9/25/21)

    Here is the most clear photo. Posted in link form to avoid copyright issues. (Whoops posted at same time as above poster!)