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    How do LD Trains Compare Cost-Wise to Driving?

    One major issue is that there are few LD routes and so your desired destination might not be accessible by Amtrak without traveling to the closest possible station and then renting a car for the remaining distance. Or getting to your desired destination might require multiple trains...
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    Negative long distance trip review article based lack of value and inedible food

    I guess he never heard of Yelp, which would have given him all the info that seemed to catch him by surprise at the restaurant, lol. He kind of seems like a guy who has a hard time dealing with things that aren't just the same as what he is used to. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but not...
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    Negative long distance trip review article based lack of value and inedible food

    Exactly how wide did he expect hallways on a train to be? His points about expense and food are valid, but his personality kind of comes through as a whiner. Business Insider should have found someone a little more adventure-friendly to write this piece.
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    Timetables returning in September?

    Wow, they must have just restored those, because I checked yesterday or the day before, and the schedules were not there. Maybe all of our complaining actually had an effect!
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    EMY to San Francisco bus

    When I did the Amtrak thruway bus from Emeryville into SF a few years ago, I booked the bus as part of my train ticket. I do not believe you can just get on, you have to be booked, and you also have to designate which of the stops in SF you want to get off..... for me, it was at Fisherman's...
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    Most Beautiful Train Stations in the US

    It's called the Crawford Hotel. Upstairs in the station, looking down over the waiting room. It's a beautiful hotel, although definitely not inexpensive. But can't beat the convenience of getting off the train right at your hotel! And you get all sorts of perks included with your room, such as a...
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    Most Beautiful Train Stations in the US

    Hubby and I took a trip last month to Denver, via Coast Starlight and CA Zephyr, and we stayed in the hotel that's inside the Denver Union Station. Wow, that station is awesome. The waiting room is filled with comfortable chairs and couches, games, and restaurants. It's really something. Of...
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    Timetables returning in September?

    When I go to the Amtrak website and click on "schedules," I just get the option to look up a station-to-station trip. I do not get actual schedules anywhere. It is so frustrating, because I use those schedules to plan multi-leg trips, and I don't always know what stations are options on which...
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    Timetables returning in September?

    Another thought: The only place I've ever seen the many Amtrak thruway routes indicated is on the individual schedules. If not for looking at an individual schedule for a specific route, I wouldn't even know the thruway options existed. How will those be handled in an "automated system" if the...
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    Your packed suitcase!

    We typically do 10-day trips, and I pack reasonably light, but do bring enough clothing for the entire trip. I fill our days that aren't on the train completely full of sightseeing and tours, so don't want to waste time doing laundry, which is a chore I get enough of at home. I have a wheelie...
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    Timetables returning in September?

    It is mind boggling to me that a transportation company with only around 20 routes, the vast majority of which only run once per day, cannot provide a complete schedule of each route showing all stops along the way. Why on earth would they not maintain the PDF, printable schedules? It costs them...
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    Timetables returning in September?

    Wow, when I messaged them about it, I was told that they were returning "soon" once daily routes returned. I wonder why it's going to take months now.
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    Black mesh in upper roomette bunk

    When I travel in roomette and sleep up there, I use that pouch to hold my glasses, book, phone, and reading headlamp. It's very handy.
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    Sold out rooms/ Insane high fare buckets

    Just for kicks, I just priced a trip on the SWC from Los Angeles to Chicago, two passengers, one of them a senior. That's a two-night trip. Looking at two weeks from now, leaving on a Friday, price for a bedroom showed as $2383. First Friday in December, $2092. Going out as far as possible, into...
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    Awful Trip on The Zephyr

    I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. Hubby and I took the CA Zephyr from Emeryville to Denver last month, and the scenery through the Sierra Nevadas and the Rockies was absolutely spectacular. The glorious views made up for the "flex" meals -- so glad the dining cars will be back soon. We...
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    New DOT Service Animal definitions

    I myself have pretty extreme travel anxiety, but have always found that a half milligram of Klonopin gives me far more comfort than any pet would, much as I love my dog.
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    Anyone been on LD trains recently?

    It was great, we loved it there. They had diners spaced out in the restaurant, but we never had to wait long. We sat out on the lawn in front and watched freight trains pass by, we hiked a bit in the trails behind the hotel, we drove into Glacier NP and did a 2.5-hour rafting float on the...
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    Huge ridership killer in reservation system for 3x weekly service

    It is insanely complicated now to plan a long trip that involves more than one train, and I cannot imagine anyone except the most hardcore Amtrak fan is going to make the effort. I love the train, and I'm in the process of trying to plan a trip for next year that's Los Angeles to Chicago...
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    Anyone been on LD trains recently?

    I had a 10-day trip just three weeks ago that included Coast Starlight and Empire Builder, with stays in Portland, Seattle, and the Izaak Walton Inn near Glacier National Park. The trip started and ended in Los Angeles. Normally, I book roomettes for hubby and me, but to minimize our contact, I...
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    Anyone been on LD trains recently?

    On a recent trip on the Empire Builder to Glacier National Park, this was my experience as well.