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    California Zephyr

    Is the Zephyr back to it's original route from Denver to Emeryville. I mean the route it has been running in the recent past before the flood washed out the tracks in the Rockies. And if anyone has travelled it lately is there a lot of snow to see from the train? Thanks in advance
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    Where should I go

    I want to take a 2 zone award trip from FTW to ???? in the next week or two. I just lost my wife last month to breast cancer and I have to get out of this empty lonely house. I want to maximize train time and end up in a pedestrian friendly town as this is a budget trip and I won't be renting a...
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    AGR birthday poimts

    Has anyone received bonus points from AGR for their birthday lately? I remember getting something like 500 or 1000 points as a birthday bonus from AGR a couple of years ago, but nothing lately :mellow: What gives?
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    Meals on Acela

    Doe the AE have certain meal times for FC pax. or is a meal garuanteed with all FCseats?
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    When Your AGR account gets canceled

    I think if you don't have any paid travel in a 3 year period they cancel your AGR account. Correct? Does AGR send out a notification your points are about to expire, or do they just disappear? I know this is probably the wrong forum to ask this, because for most of us it's been less than 3 weeks...
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    Sights to see between NYP and BOS

    What is the scenery like going from NYP to BOS. Would I miss some nice sights if we took this trip in the dark? Is it a trip better done in the daylight hours?
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    Redcap @ Penn Station

    My wife has a doctors appoint in a couple of weeks in NYC.After we finish her app we plan on taking the #176 NERegional on up to Boston. It departs at 3:30 pm giving us approx. 30 minutes to get from E 36th and Park and onto the train. I have never caught a train at Penn Station before and will...
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    AGR Points For Shopping

    How/who does the AGR points for shopping partners get determined? It seems another of my favorite partners may be on the way out :unsure: I have been racking up decent points from Home Depot with pick up in store opotion, in fact I made a purchase yesterday. I forgot a couple of things(as...
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    30 % and 50 % Bonus Offers in 2012

    How many times did AGR offer the 30% bonus in 2012? Did AGR ever offer a 50% bonus in 2012? Who held out until December 31st waiting for a 50% bonus last year and settled for the 30% at the last minute?
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    Using a voucher

    A voucher is good for 1 year from issue date. If you only partially use the voucher, and have a balance. Does the date reset from the day you partially used it? Or does it keep the original 1 year limit?
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    CZ -Den to PDX or PDX to Den

    I am going to schedule a quickie one zone, long weekend trip in January where I am flying to and from my beginning end points. I am using Den and Pdx as my start /end points because I think IMO this is some of the most scenic routes that Amtrak offers. I have done a search on AU for which way to...
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    Gifting points for spouse

    I was thinking of gifting my wife 10,000(+30% bonus) points for Christmas. She has already purchased her 10,000 alloted points at the beginning of this year, and used those as a surprise birthday trip for me(yep, she's a keeper :wub: ) Anyhow the T&C's state all sales are final and no refunds...
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    Zone city pair

    What cities are the zone split on the Cap. Limited between Was and Chi ?
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    30% bonus ends today (9/30)

    So this is the last day for the 30% buy bonus on points. Is anyone rolling the dice and betting on a 50% bonus later on? I really think they might do the 50%, but if they don't...... :help:
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    Amtrak "Guess" Rewards

    I recently completed a 2 zone roomette award trip LAX-CHI involving the much talked about late 28. I was also on the late #14 CS. We were given about a 5 min notice to detrain at Klamath Falls so we could be bussed to PDX. I expected this as the train was already 5 hours late +/-. We made a stop...
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    We started out yesterday on the TE, we boarded our sleeping car with the help of Jim who helped w our bags. He had plenty of magazines spread out where the ice usually is,for us to read. He came up and introduced hisself after we departed, and informed us ice was in his room and to help...
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    Cascades, Seattle to Portland

    I went ahead and extended my upcoming trip on the CS to SEA. We will stay there 2 nights and take an afternoon Cascades train back down to PDX and stay there 2 nights before returning home PDX-FTW. My question is, should I spring for BC for the 3 of us on the Cascades on such a short trip or...
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    TE #21 Sqeaks By

    Just got home from shopping in time to hear a "breaking news" story. A UP train has derailed in Arlington Tx. between Dallas and FTW, about 15 cars off the track, tankers included. It seems the TE #21 was just ahead of this train, and it arrived early into FTW. I guess TE#22 will take the TRE...
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    Energy Plus

    I know we have discussed this in the past, but AGR and Energy Plus is offering a 5000 point sign on bonus which they have been doing since we last discussed this. They offer an introductory rate of 8.9 cents (subject to change) Has anyone made the switch and used these guys? If so are you still...
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    shipping rates

    I was thinking of a trip to Orlando in a few weeks. We may :unsure: fly in and leave by train back home to FTW. I was thinking of pre shipping our bags and a car seat to the Orlando station and picking them up when we pick up our Hertz rental car at the station. Anyone know what Amtrak charges...