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    Sale on Chicago Transit Authority Ventra Passes

    If you fly into OHare, there is a cash surcharge making it $5 to enter at OHare only, the day pass gets its value right there, if your flying in (which I do a lot), then all your rides are “free” for the next 24hours If you take any.
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    Canadian border reopening; how soon will international railrestored?

    Perhaps because the requirements are different for fliers than ground crossings? Victoria Clipper is returning 4 days a week, Fr-Mo, probably to “test it out”.
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    Canadian border reopening; how soon will international railrestored?

    US still hasn’t opened to non-essential travel. We went to Canada a week ago and there was hardly anyone crossing, so between those two things, probably not anytime soon. The OBS are bidding right now for October pickups and there’s no Vancouver BC (or even Bellingham) trains to bid on.
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    I made it to Seattle. Anything else I need to know for the big trip?

    If your staying in Pioneer Square, the streetcar actually goes right to QFC, it picks up on Jackson. As a resident of PSq (actually live one block west of King Street Station) that’s how we do our non-Costco grocery shopping. There’s also an Asian market called uwajimaya east across the Weller...
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    Amtrak Conductors in Los Angeles

    It does, a little.  I didn't realize the Amtrak routes were split in LA like that, in Seattle and Portland the Cascades, Starlight and Builder all fill off the same board.  In Portland, two of the bids is Starlight one way, Cascades the other (at least it used to be).  Being away from home one...
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    Amtrak Conductors in Los Angeles

    I am curious if anyone on here has any experience working for Amtrak in Los Angeles.  I have noticed there are two postings for ACs in LA, when searching the zip codes, one includes LAUS (Amtrak Crew Base) while the other includes the Metrolink yard just north of DTLA.  Are ACs hired for Amtrak...
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    Looking for a Companion Fare Coupon

    This was me, didn't realize i wasn't signed in.