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  1. Oaxacajo

    L.A. proof of vaccination (in Lounge)?

    Thanks for the clarification. I thought it was referred to as LAX.
  2. Oaxacajo

    L.A. proof of vaccination (in Lounge)?

    Will the new L.A. law regarding showing proof of vaccination effect the L.A. Metropolitan Lounge?
  3. Oaxacajo

    Amtrak nurse (proposal for the future)

    Why not? What would be the disadvantages? I only see advantages.
  4. Oaxacajo

    positive comments about Amtrak?

    Does anyone have any positive comments about their Amtrak experience? This forum seems to have many negative and/or cynical comments. I'm hoping that someone actually likes Amtrak.
  5. Oaxacajo

    New flex meal menu (10/06/21)

    I, for one, am happy to see this. Hopefully most everyone will be surprised. Of course, there are always the perennial critics who will never be happy and love bashing Amtrak food.
  6. Oaxacajo

    Vaccine proof required for NYP lounge

    Please do some research on what the CDC VAERS database actually shows. I believe it shows ANYTHING that happens to a person once they get a Covid vaccine (like strep throat, a broken arm, dying because the person is 106 years old, etc.). Not everything can be blamed on the vaccine.
  7. Oaxacajo

    Is Solo a Good way to Travel Amtrak?

    I thought this was about solo traveling on Amtrak? How did it evolve into Amtrak's pet policy. Shouldn't that be a different topic?
  8. Oaxacajo

    Sunset Limited/Texas Eagle into Los Angeles

    Does anyone know why the train status for Texas Eagle leaving Chicago 8/15 show no arrival time in LAX on 8/18. It only says something about train cancellation but not why.
  9. Oaxacajo

    Superliner roomette space, views

    Has anyone ever slept in the top bunk of a Superliner roomette and had it up the entire trip and thereby just use the seats (that make up into the bottom bunk) as seats during the day?
  10. Oaxacajo

    Amtrak teases upgraded bedding/amenities for sleeping cars

    Between passengers, does Amtak sanitize pillows in a roomette?
  11. Oaxacajo

    Union Station Metropolitan Lounge

    I am arriving on the Texas Eagle at Los Angeles Union Station at (hopefully) 5:30 a.m. and will be leaving on the Southwest Chief at 6:00 p.m. I have a roomette on both trains. Will I be allowed in to the L.A. Metroplitan Lounge when it opens in the morning even though my train isn't for...
  12. Oaxacajo

    Amtrak Dining

    The video is also not negative and sarcastic. It was refreshing to watch this.
  13. Oaxacajo

    Amtrak Dining

    What do you mean? It is possible to buy fair trade avocados.
  14. Oaxacajo

    Superliner roomette storage: closet / hanging area

    Has your airline carry on size roller case ever fallen off the step and onto you during the night? Is it safe to put something there?
  15. Oaxacajo

    Transfer LAX to Amtrak

    When trying to book a ticket to Los Angeles, no LAUS shows up.
  16. Oaxacajo

    Transfer LAX to Amtrak

    The code for the Los Angeles Amtrak Union station is LAUS? I thought it was LAX.
  17. Oaxacajo

    Sunset Limited and Texas Eagle: switching cars between trains

    I note that this is a very old post. Can someone tell me what happens on the Texas Eagle 421 in San Antonio? Am I required to leave the train to go into the station (it doesn't sound like it). I'm in a roomette for the entire CHI to LAX trip. Do I have to change cars or roomettes in San...
  18. Oaxacajo

    Amtrak Dining

    With the door already closed, why in the world would they also demand that the curtain be closed?
  19. Oaxacajo

    Amtrak Dining

    If not related, maybe a minimum of two at a dining car table? I think the problem is the "squashing" in of 4 unrelated people.