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  1. BoulderCO

    NY Times Magazine Article

    Very nice article on the NY Times site today that will probably be published in the Sunday Magazine section. Titled "There is no reason to cross the US by train. But I did it anyway". Long article by a very good travel writer. Describes trip From NYC to LA on Lakeshore Limited and...
  2. BoulderCO

    Winter Park Ski Train Experience

    My wife and I took the Ski Train trip from Denver to Winter Park today.  They are running it on Fridays for a few weeks this year in addition to the Saturday and Sunday schedule.   Even though it was a Friday, the train was completely sold out and filled. A timely trip in both directions with...
  3. BoulderCO

    Chicago Union Station Legacy Club Experience

    I posted a question here a few weeks ago asking about the benefits of the new Legacy Club in terms of seating priority. I am a senior so already get a degree of priority seating and was wondering how the Legacy Club seating compared vs. the standard senior seating. The responses that came...
  4. BoulderCO

    Chicago Union Station Legacy Club questions

    I'll be leaving CUS next month on the 5 train to Denver with a coach seat. The Legacy Club is a new addition since my last trip, and I'm thinking of giving it a try - mostly out of curiosity, I guess. My main question for the group is this: I'm a senior and get priority boarding anyhow...