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  1. J

    Empire Service - SOLD OUT Train

    Then why is Amtrak STILL not running their full set of Acela Express train sets and even some complimentary Regionals that were taken off the NEC pre-COVID? Some Regionals on the NEC and some Acelas on the NEC are filling up, but we are still not back to a pre-COVID NEC train schedule...
  2. J

    Viewliner II Part 4: Sleeping Car Production, Delivery, Speculation

    First of all, you missed quoting my beginning sentence where I acknowledged the fact that I do believe that Amtrak will likely go ahead with single level cars in any new order of LD cars. So I think we share that common thinking. Secondly, I am perfectly aware of the limitations that MAY come...
  3. J

    Empire Service - SOLD OUT Train

    Wait a minute - is that right? During Thanksgiving Holiday period The LSL operated with 4 (FOUR) sleepers PLUS the Boston section, which would have another sleeper, brining the sleeper count to 5 (FIVE) and the coach count to 7 (SEVEN) for the LSL train consist? I saw no LSL consists listed with...
  4. J

    Viewliner II Part 4: Sleeping Car Production, Delivery, Speculation

    Rocky Mountaineer already has single level "viewing cars" dubbed Silver Leaf Class. VIA Rail Canada also has the "Panorama Cars" that were made by Colorado Rail Car that could also be duplicated to some degree. So the model is there for a good single level "viewing car" that could also double as...
  5. J

    Dining On the Empire Builder

    I'm almost a bit surprised Amtrak hasn't tried to make the CONO into a train that departs Chicago at 6 am, and arrives into New Orleans at 12 midnight - thus making it a coach/cafe train over a "costly" overnight train with sleepers and some sort of special sleeper car passenger food service...
  6. J

    Disposition of 4 Superliner Cars EB accident Joplin MT

    The Seattle section of the train was re-railed and brought to Havre for a couple of weeks. This included Viewliner Baggage car, Superliner Trans-Dorm Sleeper, and Superliner Sleeper 730 car (these three never left the rails, but likely needed some wheel work and general inspection). The...
  7. J

    Viewliner II Part 4: Sleeping Car Production, Delivery, Speculation

    Amtrak has been exchanging a V2 Sleeper for a V1 Sleeper, thus not putting forth any "net gain" in the Viewliner Sleepers running in single level LD consists. The "plan" that Boardman rolled out when putting forth this order, does not seem like the "plan" that current Amgrak management is...
  8. J

    First NEC Sleeper Journey - A Huge Letdown

    Amtrak did a pretty descent job advertising the launch of this service (with amenities, private room travel, and the breakfast), has pictures of the Viewliner II sleeper on its website (that the original ad drew people to), and then goes and launches the service with an elder and rundown...
  9. J

    27 breakfast SPK-PDX

    In May of 2019 Amtrak switched vendors in who provisioned the "boxed" meals/food for dinner on #28 and breakfast on #27. I noticed a HUGE difference, and not for the better. There used to be a nice cold option for dinner that ranged from cold baked chicken, roast beef, etc. with various sides...
  10. J

    Amtrak FY2021 grant request

    We all must know by now that Anderson & Co. has something in the works to at least bring the number of LD trains down to at least 10.
  11. J

    New National Menu February, 2020

    This does seem to have some additional and better choices for lunch and dinner. I still don't understand why they can't do a "marketplace special" like they used to, for lunch that used to include a sandwich..... Typically I am stuck with the Burger! Not ordering fish on the train, sorry, and...
  12. J

    Possible Schedule Change to SB Silver Meteor - train 97

    I think Amtrak could likely get away without having to serve dinner southbound on Train 97 if it departed at 7 pm or 7:01 pm etc. This is all new territory for the trains operating "East of the Mississippi." It would avoid people getting the same menu for three out of four meal periods if...
  13. J

    Possible Schedule Change to SB Silver Meteor - train 97

    For years Amtrak ran the Silver Meteor out of NYP at a post-5 pm time (typically 7 pm). This is not something brand new. It was a schedule that was in place for quite a few years and did make sense from equipment utilization. I do applaud Amtrak for looking to go back to a "same day turn" at...
  14. J

    Required turn around time in Seattle for delayed arrival of Amtrak 7 Empire Builder?

    Although a shorter train - #7/8 has to stock and clean the diner in Seattle, whereas Portland just has to service the Sightseer Lounge Car. The Seattle section in Jan/Feb is usually down to Superliner Trans Dorm/Sleeper, one full revenue Sleeper, Diner, and one or two coaches. So that consist is...
  15. J

    Is the lounge car important to you or your trip?

    The original post speaks about the "new high speed train sets not having tables [in the cafe car." It doesn't have a lounge per say, just areas for people to stand around and enjoy food or beverages at sort of "high top" counters and small tables. And for the most part - hold onto your drink or...
  16. J

    Is the City of New Orleans changing to single level?

    The CIty of New Orleans equipment - if made into a single level trainsets - could interchange with the Lake Shore or Crescent in Chicago or New Orleans respectively, and thus exchange out equipment in NYC or be cycled there to/from Hialeah, FL. The City of New Orleans has recently been thrown in...
  17. J

    Empire Service to get new equipment

    It is the CBP that prevents Amtrak/NYSDOT from putting a business class car on the Adirondack, but I still don’t understand how it would be such a big problem. If the last TWO cars carry those passengers looking to cross the border and the end car is the 1/2 cafe and 1/2 business class car...
  18. J

    Business Class..Coast Starlight vs Cascades..

    The Coast Starlight business class does have 2x2 seating, but it is a leather coach seating that has all been re-done. I still prefer the Cascades’ business class, but Coast Starlight business class not bad.
  19. J

    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    Don’t get me wrong, I certainly agree with you on the basis and premise of a real railroad diner car - full service meals etc. as the train races to its destination. Unfortunately that current model just won’t fly. Anderson is after the long distance trains and their cost output.
  20. J

    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    I think it is a capacity issue - or at least right now. How many box meals can they fit in a Viewliner II Kitchen area - that was not designed for box meals? Even after taking out what they could in the kitchens. Superliner Diners and Cross Country Cafes have more room than single level...