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    L' Enfant Plaza - flag stop?

    Although it's on the schedule, I found this page that says "Please note, while VRE is running full service, the Amtrak Step-Up program will remain suspended until further notice." I'm not sure if that means the Amtrak trains are no longer stopping at L'Enfant at all, or...? If anyone happens to...
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    L' Enfant Plaza - flag stop?

    Just looking to confirm there hasn't been any change to the L'Enfant Plaza stop with COVID. My wife is looking to catch 125 at L'Enfant on Friday as she will be tight on time, and her work is on green line.. 125 is still included on the VRE timetable so I assume it's still stopping there, but...
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    Crescent Configuration

    Just rode Greensboro to Charlottesville this morning. The train showed 90% full and was this same consist. I was surprised there were only two coaches; anyway, the conductor was great about assigning seats and we were able to get seats together for my family. The new departure time worked great...
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    Riding the Maple Leaf train

    Is the Maple Leaf still 2-1 in business? Looking to ride POU-BFX next month, Business is around a $30 upcharge which I think would be worth it if it is indeed the 2-1 cars considering it's a pretty long ride.
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    ALX vs WAS coming from DCA airport

    If it were me, I would do WAS for a northbound train, ALX only for a southbound train: Many more food options at WAS (none right at ALX) / overall nicer place to wait More northbound train options Level boarding possible (if not a train originating in the south; much easier to roll on with your...
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    Long Station Dwell Times

    I find this frustrating at ALX as well.. typically only 2 doors are available, with dozens of passengers trying to board at busy times, the station stops seem to eat up around 10 minutes when it's busy, often compounding delays heading south.
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    Cafe Car seating open?

    I rode ALX-NPN round-trip over the weekend and the cafe was open for seating both directions. ALX-NPN had every other table blocked, NPN-ALX did not have any tables blocked. My wife did note the food options were extremely limited - I think Pizza, Hamburgers, and only one or two other items.
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    New Amtrak Covid Policy

    I did a round trip ALX-NPN over the weekend. Before my outbound trip I received an email to complete the survey, and I did it. Before the inbound trip I did not receive an email and had already forgotten about it, so I didn’t do it. The conductor did make an announcement that the survey should...
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    Amtrak Dining

    just to answer my own question, every other table was indeed open for dining. Two tables were taken by the crew but we had no trouble finding one. Of course, a freight train derailed in front of us just south of RVR so we had to take an Uber the rest of the way to VA Beach.
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    Amtrak Dining

    Are people allowed to sit at the tables in the cafe car? Taking my first NER ride in a while this Thursday and curious if I will be able to sit in the cafe.
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    Sleeping cars returning to WAS-BOS starting 05APR21

    Agreed. I thought the way it used to work was that each incremental passenger only paid the lowest bucket rail fare, but I guess something must have changed.
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    All seats now open for Acela in June

    Thanks, worked for me on the web when the app wouldn’t work. Never would have known to click those squares…
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    All seats now open for Acela in June

    I have two Acela First reservations for July, and now I can no longer change the seats online; anyone else have this issue? I will just call unless there is a workaround.
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    Which routes are going back to full service May 31?

    Has there been any word on when the Cascades will go back to a more normal schedule? Looking at a trip in July, but only one train per day right now and I can’t find anything on the website about when service might return.
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    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    Just completed a trip from CVS-ALX on the Cardinal. The only options left were the Noodle Bowl and Chicken Fettucini. The children’s meals were gone and my son was offered a hot dog which he happily accepted. My wife and I each had the noodle bowl; it contains no protein, at the least it should...
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    Empire Service rolling stock?

    Not exactly what you're looking for, but last week I arrived JFK Terminal 7 at 2PM and was at Penn Station at 4PM - around 45 minutes for customs and then the most aggravating part of the trip was I burned around 25 minutes waiting on line to buy a MetroCard to exit the AirTrain. There were...