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    Keystone No. 644 Cancelled?

    I booked No. 646 instead. But, I’ll have to call Amtrak to see about getting refunded. I saved the receipt, but my reservation number is no longer showing in the App.
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    Boston Sleeper Cancelled on 448(1) and 448(2)

    Actually, it should be called the “Texas Eaglet.” An eaglet is a baby eagle—either a hatchling or young eagle. Either way, what a pathetic excuse for a train. It had 2 coaches, 1 CCC, and 2 sleepers when I saw it in Dallas back in May!
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    Keystone No. 644 Cancelled?

    I checked the schedule for that date. There are only 10 trains eastbound from Elizabethtown as opposed to normal 13. 644 is not listed. How has ridership been on the Keystones? Many people that took the Keystones from ELT and Lancaster were commuters to/from Philadelphia. So, with more...
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    Keystone No. 644 Cancelled?

    I was on the app, and I noticed Keystone 644 has been canceled for 5/6/22. Why is that? Why when it’s 6 months away?
  5. O and stories about Amtrak trips

    I kind of agree with this lady in some respects. In terms of the Coach bathrooms, they are often not very clean. However, I don’t think it’s the Staff’s fault, but rather there some people who are slobs. I rode #91 back in September from Philadelphia to Kissimmee. The Coach bathrooms were...
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    Restart of cross-border services delayed

    I seriously need to plan a trip to Rouses Point on the day the Adirondack resumes to Montreal. I’ll bet they’ll have a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the junction just south of the border!! I would love to see that!! Have a brass band and all kinds of comradely!!
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    91 Silver Service Train delay outside DeLand FL 10-30-2021

    Does anyone think about “Operation Lifesaver” anymore?? For crying out loud, attempting to beat a train at a gated crossing is futile. Even if you tie, you lose!! The train will ALWAYS win and you will be crushed—often fatally! Good rule of thumb: Whenever you come to an active railroad...
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    Booked for March 2022. Should I cancel? (Medical issue)

    Thats what I do when I fly Southwest Airlines. I am a large person, though I’ve lost 70 pounds. Southwest will ALWAYS refund the second seat after you fly—you’re doing them (and other passengers) a favor by not encroaching on another passenger’s “bubble” if the flight is full. Even once I can...
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    Booked for March 2022. Should I cancel? (Medical issue)

    I’ve done some thinking. I’ll proceed with my trip as planned for March 2022. I am in a Roomette this time on 98–Car 9810. I’m hoping it will be a VL2. Though tighter than a Bedroom—I’ll be at least laying down horizontally. Side-to-side rocking aggravates my back, but I should be better by...
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    Mask Mandate for Transportation Extended

    I’m hoping the Mandate will be allowed to expire in January. My next trip is not until late February/early March 2022. I’m coming home from Kissimmee on the Meteor. I have a comfortable Amtrak mask, and it is nice to be able to take your mask off in your room. I understand rules are rules, but...
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    Short Consists of Long Distance Trains

    I walked through the 2nd Coach when the “All Aboard” call was given at DC. There were about 6 people waiting in the vestibule, because it seemed no one was willing to give up their “sacred” second seat! I faced this issue when I boarded a Keystone in Philadelphia to return to Elizabethtown in...
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    Most Interesting Encounter(s) on a Train

    Here’s a good one. I was riding the Silver Star from Philadelphia to Kissimmee back on 9/28. At Washington DC, we’re given a smoke/fresh air break because they have to swap out the ACS-64 for two P42DCs (diesel). I was watching this family with about four kids board Coach. They brought along one...
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    Short Consists of Long Distance Trains

    As I said on another post, I just recently completed a ride on the Silver Star from Philadelphia to Florida. The train was very short for a long-distance, having 2 Amfleet II coaches, 1 lounge, 1VL2 Diner (used for the sleepers) 2 sleepers, and a baggage car as the “caboose.” I rode the...
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    Viewliner II Part 4: Sleeping Car Production, Delivery, Speculation

    I recently rode on the Silver Star from Philadelphia to Kissimmee, FL. I was in a Viewliner 1 Sleeper; the second one was a new Viewliner 2. It seems to me the Viewliner 1 cars are pretty much on their last legs. The power outlets in my bedroom could not hold my charging plug, unless I...
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    Booked for March 2022. Should I cancel? (Medical issue)

    I’ve just completed 2 long distance train trips in September. However, both trips really aggravated my back. I have had 4 lumbar spinal surgeries since 2018–two in 2021 alone. Does anyone have back issues that could relate? I know it’s a personal question, but I’m not sure. I’m booked on The...
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    Problems signing into AGR account

    I cannot sign into my account. Every time I enter my login info, it keeps telling me they need to verify my account. What’s up with this?
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    Silver Star Consist

    Just arrived in Kissimmee. I spoke with David, my SCA. He told me Amtrak actually has no shortage of workers; in fact they’re hiring and training more in Miami. I think it just might be less demand, along with rolling stock being out of commission due to lengthy inspection. I told him that 2...
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    Silver Star Consist

    I rode my 2nd trip back in 1993 on the Empire Service from Buffalo to NYC. The train had 3 Amfleet 1 coaches and an actual Cafe. The car was labeled as a “Cafe.” However, it did not have booth seating—in hindsight it was an Amfleet “Snack Coach,” In 1994, I rode the same route—in the old...
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    Keystone locomotives

    I have no idea. At Elizabethtown, I was directed to the second last car.
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    Coast Starlight--Seattle to Los Angeles Travelogue

    Our SCA told us #11 was 6 hours late two days before our trip!! Jeez. I don't think UP and Amtrak are on friendly terms.....