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  1. Seaboard92

    Shooting onboard Amtrak in Lees Summit, MO

    I've always thought a text to 9-11 made sense. I would be curious if that's something that can be done already.
  2. Seaboard92

    Silver Star incident near Lakeland (1/18/22)

    Keep us posted. I might go out to see your train in the morning as I just happen to be home.
  3. Seaboard92

    Shooting onboard Amtrak in Lees Summit, MO

    I'm just trying to figure out how this happened to be honest. So the person was shot and killed at the first stop. But the victim wasn't found till the next station?
  4. Seaboard92

    Agreement between CP and Amtrak about Detroit River Tunnel

    Historically the Canadian National/Grand Trunk Western passenger trains actually used the northern route between London and Toronto that the Sarnia trains still use.
  5. Seaboard92

    Cessna crashes onto tracks; struck by Metrolink train

    We've been talking about this one at work lately because it's so far out there. Then we go ahead and jokingly ask the next question. Who's jurisdiction FRA, or FAA. Definitely this hits the NTSB.
  6. Seaboard92

    Amtrak cancellations (Dec. 2021 - 1Q2022)

    I will have to make a point to ride this on one of my days off.
  7. Seaboard92

    Rocky Mountaineer in the Colorado Rockies

    Maybe there is some long lost and forgotten narrow gauge railway in that area. I wouldn't put it past that area.
  8. Seaboard92

    The Evolution of VIA Rail - a graphical history

    This is exactly my argument. The smaller places are just as important as the larger cities. And even regional cities are just as important as a small town. You have some really good regional cities in Midwestern/Western Canada like Saskatoon, Regina, Moose Jaw, etc. If you can make these better...
  9. Seaboard92

    Surprisingly the 767 lives on!

    The best deplaning experience I had was on an Aeroflot B777-300ER in SVO. For some reason they parked us on a remote hard stand. I was like in Heaven. And in my AA uniform as well.
  10. Seaboard92

    Nightjet launches Paris<>Vienna

    I think there actually is a great market for a network of night trains specifically in the midwest, but that's also because of the amazing number of corridors you can build in the midwest. When you look at what existed as far as pure night trains here is just a brief list of just Detroit, MI...
  11. Seaboard92

    Surprisingly the 767 lives on!

    I see the occasional B757 when I'm out and about. Usually in Charlotte they are right next to 36R where the freight depot is. I have to say I really like the B757 variant they use for Air Force Two. That Lowery paint scheme on it just looks absolutely magical on it. I've never stepped foot on a...
  12. Seaboard92

    Nightjet launches Paris<>Vienna

    The Russian Superliner sleepers in second class sleep 64 while the first class cars sleep 32. I can't begin to imagine how much a Platzkarty car would sleep but I would imagine it would slightly be more than the Indian cars. They used an innovative design to help with the roof design of the cars...
  13. Seaboard92

    "Montana rail authority buoyed by bipartisan Senate letter calling for Amtrak route study"

    Actually there would be a way to do it. But UP would balk at it so much they might just restore the one crossover needed to access the Steel Bridge. Run via Albina Yard and it's pass thru track. But that would be something UP would hate so much that they would probably rather install the crossover.
  14. Seaboard92

    Total numbers of trains on the rails, daily?

    This sounds like a project I could enjoy doing actually. Especially counting crew starts and see who runs the most efficiently. It might take me a few months but challenge accepted.
  15. Seaboard92

    Nightjet launches Paris<>Vienna

    Well here is the unique thing about the NightJet most of it's consist are actually sleeping cars it isn't made of just day coaches. Here is the consist for the Berlin-Wien NightJet between Berlin-Breslau (Wroclaw) which is the Berlin-Poland Part. 2 Berlin-Wien Sleepers, 1 Berlin-Wien Day...
  16. Seaboard92

    Christmas fun. My VIA Rail Train bringing home the local’s who are now Come from Away's

    Palliser is a dining car. All of the CP dining cars were named after their CP Hotels. The real Pallisier Hotel is in Calgary and it is an amazing property. If you ever go I recommend staying there. I was put up there by Canadian Pacific a few years ago and it was amazing. Great food too.
  17. Seaboard92

    Total numbers of trains on the rails, daily?

    That is an interesting question. Are we talking about how many trainsets are used, or how many individual runs. If you are counting trainsets only the number would be low as places like Metra and New Jersey Transit will use the same trainset to run several roundtrips, and the same crew which...
  18. Seaboard92

    9 hour layover in Sacramento!? What to do or options?

    When I did the California Zephyr we arrived into SAC a little after 12 because there is some serious padding in the timetable. So you could get some really good time in the museum which I highly recommend. It is one of the best museums in the country for railroads. I would argue the three must...
  19. Seaboard92

    "Montana rail authority buoyed by bipartisan Senate letter calling for Amtrak route study"

    It is interesting to see who is in support of this train. I think Romney is the weird one on here as the North Coast Limited (I refuse to call it that Amtrak era name) because it has no effect on his state at all. Remember the Builder does better on it's route because there are no competitors...
  20. Seaboard92

    Rules regarding Diner doubling as a lounge

    I've been in the diner after hours quite a few times. But I also was somewhat an invited guest because of my PV work and we would talk shop most of the time. The best time though was before my PV days. The Auto Train running behind my Silver Star had a motor fail so they pulled one of the...