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    Amtrak #6(17) Collided with SUV in Iowa

    The eastbound California Zephyr that was due to arrive in Chicago later today has been stopped for the past few hours near Avery, Iowa. Amtrak Alerts says it's because of "a vehicle on the tracks." I might have heard over the radio that a train hit a vehicle, but I'm not sure. Haven't found...
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    California Zephyr Hits Garbage Truck in Iowa

    The eastbound California Zephyr, Amtrak train #6(25), has hit a vehicle between Albia and Ottumwa, Iowa. Not a lot of details right now, but it has been reported that there were no injuries on the train.
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    Heartland Flyer Versus Car Carrier

    The Heartland Flyer, Amtrak #822, collided with a car carrier that appears to have been stuck on the tracks last night. Four passengers were reported injured but said to minor. The incident was caught on camera: Amtrak Train Collides With Semi Car Hauler in Oklahoma.
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    Deer Delay Zephyrs

    Amtrak #6(08), the eastbound California Zephyr that left Emeryville on Friday, spent several hours this morning in Nebraska with mechanical issues. It was apparently blocking the way for the westbound #5(09), which had to wait several hours for #6 to get moving again. Also, it looks like...
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    Amtrak #5 Versus Semi in Colorado

    On Friday, July 23, the westbound California Zephyr hit an empty flatbed semi-trailer as the truck pulling it crossed in front of the train near Parshall, Colorado. One injury was reported as minor to the conductor. Looks like Amtrak #5(22) lost about an hour and fifteen minutes from the incident.
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    Amtrak #6(04) vs. Trailer in Colorado

    The eastbound California Zephyr that left Emeryville on May 4 hit a "pull behind work trailer" near Clifton, Colorado midday today (May 5): State Patrol: Troopers investigating train vs trailer crash. No injuries reported.
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    Nashville Steam Shop Damaged by Storm

    Yesterday, Nashville Steam's shop took a hard hit from a severe storm. This is where the group has been restoring Nashville, Chattanooga, & St. Louis Railway 576 to operation. Nobody was hurt, but they are asking for donations to recover: March Storm Damages Nashville Steam Shop – NASHVILLE STEAM.
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    BNSF Engine for Amtrak #6(21)

    The eastbound California Zephyr that's due to arrive in Chicago later today was delayed for about four hours at McCook, Nebraska last night. There's a report from a passenger that one engine had dynamic brake problems, and a BNSF locomotive was added to the train. Amtrak #6 is currently...
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    Amtrak #5(01) Set Out Coach at Ottumwa

    The westbound California Zephyr that left Chicago on Tuesday was stopped near Batavia, Iowa that evening after being told by the dispatcher to inspect a warm bearing. The last car on the train, coach AMTK 34064, was the afflicted car. The crew reported that one bearing was 160°F (78°C) and the...
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    California Zephyr with Colonial Crafts

    The westbound California Zephyr out of Chicago today passed Agency, Iowa this evening with the Pennsylvania Railroad private car Colonial Crafts on the end. Amtrak #5's engineer also gave a horn salute.
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    #6 Versus SUV at Minden, Nebraska

    There was an incident between a train and an SUV in Minden, Nebraska early this morning that delayed both California Zephyrs. It seems that Amtrak #6(02) was the one that hit the vehicle. One person inside the Honda Pilot was sent to the hospital. #5(03) was delayed over six hours by the...
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    Berlin and America on California Zephyr

    I caught the eastbound California Zephyr in Agency, Iowa this afternoon with two private cars. The first one was the Pullman RPCX 2263 Berlin. The other private varnish was the New York Central business car America. It looked like the number 800086 was on its side. I think the reporting mark...
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    Cimarron River on California Zephyr

    I caught Amtrak #5(10) heading west past Agency, Iowa with the Frisco private car Cimarron River on the end.
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    The Patrón Tequila Express on California Zephyr

    I caught Amtrak #6(08) today with the The Patrón Tequila Express, former GMO 50, on the end. This eastbound California Zephyr was running nearly seven and a half hours late at Agency, Iowa. I believe the delays were from the aftereffects of yesterday's floods.
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    Coach Ahead of Baggage Car on California Zephyr

    I caught Amtrak #6(03) today just east of Agency, Iowa. This eastbound California Zephyr had an extra coach between the engines and the baggage car. I don't think I've seen this on the Zephyr before. Also of note was the Edward L. Ullman sleeper ahead of the diner.
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    Amtrak #6(30) Has Union Pacific Leader

    The eastbound California Zephyr that's due into Chicago later today has a Union Pacific locomotive leading it. Trains of Nebraska filmed this Amtrak #6 with UP 5731 leading this morning running about six hours late near Minden, Nebraska.
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    FRA Car on the California Zephyr

    Yesterday evening, I caught the westbound California Zephyr at Agency, Iowa. On the end of Amtrak #5(18) was DOTX 221, a car from the Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety.
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    Two Private Cars on Amtrak #5(15)

    I caught the westbound California Zephyr at Agency, Iowa this evening with two private cars on the end. They were the Boston and Maine Salisbury Beach and the Pennsylvania Railroad Colonial Crafts.
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    Amtrak #5(12) with Summit View Dome Car

    I caught the westbound California Zephyr as it went through Agency, Iowa this evening with the Iowa Pacific Big Dome Summit View on the end. I've been told this car is going to Denver. Also, the third sleeping car is the Edward L. Ullman.
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    California Zephyr with Puget Sound

    Amtrak #5(04) has the dome car Puget Sound riding on the end. The westbound California Zephyr was came through Agency, Iowa over an hour and half late (without hitting any deer).