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  1. pennyk

    Do you have to request in advance that the wall be opened when getting the two-room combination?

    I have done this a few times and never requested in advance. The SCA either has a key or has to get a key to open the door. I tell the SCA upon boarding that I want the door opened. On one occasion, much to my disappointment the SCA was unable to open the door. Then on another occasion, when...
  2. pennyk

    What if every LD train was an Auto Train?

    That does not seem practical to me. You would be driving from Central Florida to Mississippi - But it likely would not be 4 days of driving and 3 nights in a hotel.
  3. pennyk

    Boston to Florida - Connection Question

    It appears that the website shows train 95 to WAS then 91 (with a very short connection). If it were I, I would phone and try to get on train 2151 Acela (if it is running that day) leaving BOS at 5:05am, which should get you to NYP at 8:47am, which would get you in NY with a decent cushion...
  4. pennyk

    New member from Boston

  5. pennyk

    Why Do You Tip on Amtrak? [Poll]

    I always tip on Amtrak. I have tipped Amtrak employees and other service employees at a higher rate during the pandemic because I want to express my appreciation to them for putting themselves "out there" during what I consider scary times.
  6. pennyk

    Using Guest Rewards points

    Although years ago, it was promised that one could use a combination of cash and points, to my knowledge, that has not yet happened. It is often suggested if you are short a few points in order to purchase your tickets, you could purchase points.
  7. pennyk

    New member and new rider in Northern VA

  8. pennyk

    New Member in DC

    Welcome and good luck!
  9. pennyk

    Silver Star/Silver Meteor combined train (Jan-Mar 2022)

    Video of 91 taken from urban trail between WPK and ORL 1/21/22. Special thanks to Betty who edited my large file that previously would not load. ❤ Edit to add that while outdoors this evening I heard 92 pass through Orlando. So today I either heard or saw all Amtrak trains pass through...
  10. pennyk

    Silver Star/Silver Meteor combined train (Jan-Mar 2022)

    Please tell Claudette that Penny says hello. I am assuming that this is the same Claudette that has been around for a while. If she looks at you as if she has no idea who Penny is, then it is not the same Claudette. I am happy to hear that all sleepers have attendants. Enjoy your trip. I...
  11. pennyk

    Train Speed App

    Here is a link to a year old thread that discusses speed tracking apps:
  12. pennyk

    Silver Star/Silver Meteor combined train (Jan-Mar 2022)

    who is your attendant? Are there 5 attendants (one for each car) or fewer?
  13. pennyk

    New member in Florida

    MODERATOR NOTE: any comments in this thread relating to the cancellation of the Meteor and the Star/Meteor combination were moved to a new thread.
  14. pennyk

    Amtrak cancellations (Dec. 2021 - 1Q2022)

    MODERATOR NOTE: Comments relating to the cancellation of the Meteor and the combined Star/Meteor train were moved to a new thread. Please post future comments to that thread. Thank you...
  15. pennyk

    Silver Star/Silver Meteor combined train (Jan-Mar 2022)

    You could phone and request a different car based on the current consist, but there is no guarantee that the consist will remain the same 2 months from now. And of course, there is no guarantee of a smoother ride in a V2. It may help if your room is in the middle of the car (and not above the...
  16. pennyk

    Silver Star/Silver Meteor combined train (Jan-Mar 2022)

    There was flex dining on the Silvers before COVID. Eventually (maybe), traditional dining will return. I sure hope so.
  17. pennyk

    Silver Star/Silver Meteor combined train (Jan-Mar 2022)

    They are still doing flex dining, but they will set a time for you to go to the diner or have your meal delivered. My use of the term "seating" was probably confusing. Sorry.
  18. pennyk

    Silver Star/Silver Meteor combined train (Jan-Mar 2022)

    The Star will be running with a much longer consist. It will also stop in Jesup, GA, where it normally does not stop. On FB, one of the SCAs suggested to go to dinner early because there are 5 sleepers and the diner may be crowded (and/or run out of food). Assuming you are in a sleeper, I...
  19. pennyk

    New member in Florida

    Welcome from a lifelong Floridian who also often rides the Silvers. Enjoy your trip (which should be a bit different).
  20. pennyk

    Cardinal Questions

    My pre-pandemic experience was different, but it was a long time ago. A regular Cardinal rider will have to answer what it was like in 2019 compared to now.